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Life at Home Report 2021

Our fascination with life at home is what makes us IKEA. Every year, we ask thousands of people to share their thoughts and feelings about where they live. We want to learn what makes life at home better, so we can help people thrive there. It’s an ongoing research project that feels more important than ever.

A man with a beard entertains a smiling baby on a bed.
A man with a beard entertains a smiling baby on a bed.

More about our research


Our annual Life at Home Report is one of the most comprehensive research projects of its kind in the world. We ask thousands of people to open up about their needs and dreams. We follow individual families for months at a time. We consult with experts and carry out extensive desk research. Our aim is to reach a better understanding of what life at home means for all of us.

Dimensions of home

Most of us describe our home by talking about the people we live with, the things we own, the amount of space we have, and the place where we live. These four dimensions – relationships, things, space, place – help us explain how our homes are organised and what kinds of activities we usually do there. They reveal how much we have in common, even when each home can look and feel very different.

Emotional needs of home

Home is more than a place – it’s a feeling. Through our research, we aim to find out what people really mean when they talk about the ‘feeling of home’. So far, we have identified five core emotional needs connected to life at home: privacy, security, comfort, ownership and belonging. When we have all these needs met, we are more likely to feel at home.