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Three wardrobes – three ways to create harmony

If organising your home is the long-term goal, then organising your wardrobe is a good start. Here we take on specific challenges for three different users, but with solutions that everyone can learn from.

Section of a wardrobe filled with flamboyant party clothing and accessories; bust with neon wig, mannequin hand with rings.
Section of a wardrobe filled with flamboyant party clothing and accessories; bust with neon wig, mannequin hand with rings.

The fashionista: put your treasures on display

When your life revolves around couture, sooner or later your clothes risk drowning you. To avoid this, make it a habit to revalue your garments. Let the ones that you don’t actively enjoy make someone else happy.

Show off outfits passed

They may not work for you anymore, but are way too precious to let go of. Then make an exhibition of your greatest hits.

Use the full width of your wardrobe

Use hooks on the inside of the doors to get more looks into view. Hang garments side by side, mix, match and decide which ones are ready to hand over to the next owner.

Go through them all every now and then

There’s no need to do it often, but set a date in the calendar when you look through everything. Be tough, give away, and you will have wardrobe space again.

Creating harmony in your wardrobe comes down to recognising what’s important to you. Both in deciding how to organise your wardrobe, and knowing when to let go of old clothes.

Saša Antić, IKEA interior designer

The family: create order and accessibility

With every member in a family, there are new needs to be met. Key challenges are accessibility (for all heights), knowing what’s where, and using the wardrobe’s volume to the fullest.

The folding game

Piling is out, filing is in. With garments stacked sideways, the individual pieces are both more visible and easier to get out.

A special place for special companions

Kids may develop bed-going routines that parents had better follow. Like craving the company of a soft toy or a favourite throw. Reserve a space just for them.

Emergency equipment where it’s needed

Some storage is more vital than others, e.g. knowing where to find a dummy at three in the morning. Have a nearby spot where you always return them.

The vintage lover: go for visible, smart storage

When you’re into beautifully aged clothing, your wardrobe is useless if it can’t help you keep track of themes, years and colours. The name of the game is sorting. And proper lighting doesn’t hurt – to ensure your threads still have that special sparkle.

Your timeline of textiles

Begin with an overview. Arrange your wardrobe to see, and tell apart, what you have at a glance. Add an LED strip above, and your clothes will shine even brighter.

Light up your accessories, too

Putting your outfit under the spotlight is always a good idea. So is having proper lighting in the wardrobe itself. Battery-operated LED spots let you tailor it down to individual shelves.

One system to fit them all

Having sorted your clothes is one thing, storing them another. Complete your wardrobe with a way to keep its contents organised, apart and always within easy reach.

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Made by
Interior designer: Saša Antić
Photographer: Henrik Pettersson
Writer: Henrik Annemark