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New collection with designs for every body

By combining ergonomic design with timeless style, the products in the new OMTÄNKSAM range – meaning ‘caring’ in Swedish – are made for everyone to enjoy. Learn more about this inclusive collection.

Pregnant woman sleeping on bed with a body-length cushion.
Pregnant woman sleeping on bed with a body-length cushion.

Supporting individual needs

Created for moments or stages of life when we may need a little extra support, the designs share an innovative approach to ergonomics. From a body cushion that aids more comfortable sleeping to support cushions and even a table with extra clearance underneath it, the range embodies inclusivity and wellbeing.

Designed to give a helping hand

The products are made to make life a little easier, whatever your age or needs. From vases specifically shaped to be easy to pick up, beautiful plates with anti-slip silicone bases or jar grippers that make opening lids almost effortless, you can take your pick of ‘hacks’ that help with everyday tasks around the home.

Creating a better everyday life for the many people means designing for people’s different functional needs

Britt Monti, creative leader

Everyday comfort for every body

Designing for the needs of our different bodies means OMTÄNKSAM not only rethinks furniture we use each day – chairs that sit at a height that’s easy to get in and out of, sofas with backrests angled for optimal comfort – it has accessories like the armrest cushion that boost everyday comfort. Available in two shapes, these cushions double as a head and foot rest.

Developed and tested by experts

Using statistical data of body measurements, ergonomist and physiotherapist Eli Lindergård scrutinised OMTÄNKSAM products from every angle. ‘When we implement this thinking from square one, we get products that are as functional as possible, for as many people as possible,’ he says. The products were then put to a test panel and modified from feedback before being made.

Lumber, armrest, body – the new OMTÄNKSAM range has six types of comfort cushion. Take a look at all the different ways they can be used to make you more comfortable…

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