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Home visit: calm decor for a stress-free bedroom

Create a relaxing environment where you can unwind before a good night’s sleep. Take inspiration from this bedroom that combines simplicity of style with smart organisation.

A white bedroom with neutral and floral bedding and black white photos on the wall.
A white bedroom with neutral and floral bedding and black white photos on the wall.

Streamline your storage

Use storage to keep your bedroom clutter-free. Sarah has turned the unused space behind her bed into a walk-in wardrobe with a mix of open and closed storage.

Customise your closet

The main storage is customised with small accessories like hooks, rails and clamp lights to help keep clothes and accessories in order. “There’s space for hanging and folding, and it’s properly lit, making it much easier to find things and keep them tidy,” says Sarah.

For me, part of feeling calm is good organisation, with only a few things on display.


Minimise distractions

Combine neutral walls with layers of soft bedding in cosy colours to place the focus on your bed. “My bedroom isn’t just a place to sleep but also a place to relax,” says Sarah. “At weekends, I love to lie in, lost in the soft bed linen and a book.” She uses a wall-mounted lamp to help keep her bedside clutter-free, reserved for books and the special family photo she likes to wake up to.

Create a calm corner

Find sleep-friendly ways to switch off and relax in your bedroom before you try to get to sleep. An armchair and soft lighting are all it takes to create this cosy reading area. Sarah also likes to practise yoga in her bedroom. “This is the room where I come to regenerate,” she says.

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Interior stylist: Pernilla Warnhammar
Photographer: Lina Ikse
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