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Home visit: bedroom storage for an awkward space

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to space-planning, especially when a room has multiple jobs to do. From open clothes storage to a flexible home office, see how we helped make this bedroom work.

Open clothes rails and storage boxes under a flight of stairs.
Open clothes rails and storage boxes under a flight of stairs.

Your bedroom, your way

Rather than being limited by an unusual space, put its quirks to good use. Julia and André’s room has limited floorspace but they thought in cubic metres, using its high ceilings to build a mezzanine bed platform. They turned the structure below into storage, and used the rest of the space this freed up for André’s clothes rails, where he organises his carefully curated wardrobe and home office.

We used the ceiling height to build our mezzanine bed. I love how it feels like a cosy cave. The added benefit is having my wardrobe below without taking up any extra room.


My wardrobe was my starting point in working towards a lightweight lifestyle. I used to shop a lot. Fast fashion. Since paring back, I noticed how much better it felt to have less.


Show or hide wardrobe

Consider the impact one part of the room has on another. Open wardrobes suit some spaces, but because André also works here, he didn’t want it to feel like a dressing area. Finding doors to fit the custom structure proved difficult, so when stylist Carl Braganza visited, he added a curtain to cover the hanging rail, along with slim storage boxes for the shelves built into each stair riser.

Two-in-one home office

Invest in hard-working pieces. André’s old office set-up was bulky and impractical, so he often ended up working in the dining room. Together, he and stylist Carl chose the IDÅSEN desk – a flexible solution that offers sitting and standing positions via electronic controls. “I’ve wanted to try a standing desk for a while. And I’m six feet tall so the adjustable height is good for me!” says André.

How it all works together

The self-built mezzanine platform measures around seven square metres, and extends above half of the overall room. On the back wall, and under the staircase leading down from the mezzanine level, is Julia’s clothes storage. At the foot of the stairs, in the far corner, are André’s clothes rails. His workspace sits on the opposite side of the room.

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Interior stylist: Carl Braganza
Photographer: Nato Welton
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