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Home visit: a unique home for a family of artists

Make home a place of comfort where you can be yourself. For this family, home provides an everyday retreat where they can recharge their creative spark.

A kitchen with grey cabinets and built-in cooker, wooden worktops, and shelves on patterned floral wallpaper.
A kitchen with grey cabinets and built-in cooker, wooden worktops, and shelves on patterned floral wallpaper.

Make space to enjoy

The kitchen is Edna’s favourite room. The design was a joint family decision, with everyone having a say in the layout. It’s given the family a space they all enjoy spending time in together after a day spent going about their separate routines. Karlotta (14) created the plans online, while Edna and dad Erik built it.

Design around your needs

Living with a new layout before making all the final choices is a way to ensure the space works for the way you want to use it. The family fitted base units along two walls to maximise workspace. After using the space for a while, they added open storage. Shelves with hooks for utensils and a plant stand for fresh herbs mean cooking essentials are close to hand. “Now it’s fun to cook in here!” says Edna.

We wanted a kitchen that felt warm and timeless, and a place to eat together every day.

Edna, artist

We move artwork around all the time to see it in a new context, mixing it with things from nature or the kids’ drawings. It’s refreshing to change what the eye sees.

Edna, artist

Make considered choices

No two days are the same for painters Edna and Erik. After long hours in their nearby studio, they enjoy coming home to calm. “There’s room to breathe here,” says Edna, who pairs her love of reusing old furniture with a conscious approach to new buys. “I go for timeless, long-lasting pieces. We’ve had our STRANDMON sofa for six years,” she says. “It’s rare now, so I consider it a lucky find!”

Our studio is very rough, and you come home with all this dirt and colour under your fingernails. It’s nice to get back and find respite in our comfortable home.

Erik, artist

Make space to slow down

The vintage bed and HEMNES bedside table are the only constants in Erik and Edna’s bedroom. “I’m always switching things around. I mix in found objects and dried flowers, or artwork we’ve swapped with friends. I like to be surrounded by things that tell a story,” says Edna.

I had all these photos and drawings, and I’d always wanted to experiment with washi tape. So I laid the pictures out on the floor then recreated the display over my bed.


The art of slow renovation

Over the past 10 years, the family has transformed three former flats into their forever home. “The builder told us to tear the whole thing down, but I had a vision to bring back the old atmosphere of the house,” says Edna. The white walls and stripped floorboards haven’t dated since the first phase of the renovation, but the rest of their home will continue to change with them.

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