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Home visit: a festive table setting with drama

Three quick but impactful ideas that set the scene for a special occasion.

A dining room with cutlery, glassware, chairs and cushions.
A dining room with cutlery, glassware, chairs and cushions.

Add colour

Use textiles to make a colourful base. If you’re using winter’s palette of dark colours, off-set it with warm metals like gold. A centrepiece is a chance to add colour. Here, florist Łukasz made a full-petalled bouquet, scattering some petals for a relaxed feel. His tip? Check guests can see over your bouquet: ‘Lay your palm on the table, arm vertical – it mustn’t go above your elbow.’

For us the idea of sitting around the dining table is the same as gathering round the fireplace. It’s traditional and intimate

Łukasz and Radek

Serve up comfort

Plan for your guests’ comfort and they’ll sit at your table long into the night. ‘Our friends become our family when we sit around the table together,’ says Łukasz, who adds to his table’s welcoming mood with little touches that put guests at ease – from extra cushions and throws to wrap round chilly shoulders, to an always-full glass and second helpings!

Use candle light

‘The darkness in winter can make you feel very low, so we always have candles around to add warmth,’ say Radek and Łukasz. ‘If we haven’t had much time to prepare for guests, or unexpected visitors drop by, having candles to light at the table shifts the mood instantly,’ says Łukasz.

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Interior stylist: Carl Braganza
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards