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Home visit: 6 easy hacks to revamp your wardrobe

Restyle the way you get dressed by organising your clothes and accessories to make it easy to see what you have and find what you need. These ideas from the wardrobe of fashion designer Kelly Ekardt will make #todaysoutfit a winner, every day!

Asymmetric bamboo hooks on a wall, each with a different clothing accessory – sunglasses, a scarf, necklaces and a straw hat.
Asymmetric bamboo hooks on a wall, each with a different clothing accessory – sunglasses, a scarf, necklaces and a straw hat.

1. Create a dressing station

Turn an unused wall into a space-conscious version of a walk-in wardrobe! Start with a full-length mirror, then build your perfect dressing station around it. Think about how you like to get dressed, and style your space to match your needs. Have plenty of hooks so you can hang clothes and accessories close – and keep them tidy rather than heaped on the floor.

2. Box clever

When it comes to storing accessories, take the approach of divide to conquer. And in this, boxes are your friend – portable, easy to stack and easy to hide away a mess of things while keeping things outwardly neat! Have a box for each type of accessory and label them so you know what’s inside. With your shoes, take a photo and tape it to the front for a cool visual reminder of what you have!

3. Make a display of accessories

Bring some drama to your wardrobe. Use rails and hooks to turn the back of a door into an eye-pleasing display that doubles as storage for your favourite accessories. The combination of hooks and rails means you can keep different types of things together, while the open storage makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

4. Frame your jewellery

Put an end to tangled chains and ‘one lost earring’ by unboxing your jewellery and using a picture frame as a smart way to keep your treasures in order. Remove the back and glass front of the frame, then create ‘rails’ by winding thread round the width of the frame. Make as many as you like. Then hang your earrings and chains from them. Use the frame’s ledge for your rings.

For me, clothes mean personality. Growing up, that was how I expressed myself. When I couldn’t find the words, I could let my clothes speak for me. That’s the great thing – there’s no right way to do things. You just keep it personal and fun.

Kelly Ekardt, fashion designer

5. Snapshot your best outfit combos

“It can save so much time in the morning when you know what you’re going to wear, although sometimes what you planned may not match the mood you wake up in!” says Kelly. But she has this time-saving idea. Work out your favourite outfit combinations, take a selfie in each one and tape them up next to your wardrobe for outfit inspo.

6. Filter your wardrobe

“I love the idea of an exposed wardrobe but that’s for minimalists! I need a wardrobe with doors I can close and not worry if my T-shirts are neatly folded,” says Kelly. Strike a balance between storage for show and storage to hide! Think of what you put on show as inspiration, so add simple touches that look great – like painting your hangers (we used IKEA children’s MÅLA fluorescent paint).

I actually wear my clothes all year round (spending time in London where you can have four seasons in a day taught me to layer), but if you need to make wardrobe space, packing out-of-season clothes in boxes you can store away is a great idea.

Kelly Ekardt, fashion designer

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