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Home furnishings for a happy & safe home, where children can thrive

At IKEA, everything revolves around our vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, which includes creating a safer life at home. It only takes a few minutes to make life at home safer for children, and we want to give parents and caregivers accessible tools and tips they need to protect their little ones.

Little chef, cook like a pro!

Keeping safety in mind is the most important part of living with children, especially when they are in the kitchen. This play DUGTIK kitchen is just perfect for mini chefs. Role-playing in the kitchen helps children to develop social skills by imitating grown-ups and inventing their own roles. Safety latches were used to seal windows and to keep little fingers out of drawers and cabinets.

A DUKTIG play kitchen with other toy accessories such as a rolling pin, oven, plates and cups.
A MAGASIN Rolling pin and other baking accessories on the LÄTTBAKAD Cooling rack.
A boy tries to peel real vegetables with the SMÅBIT Knife and peeler on a chopping board.
Kitchen accessories such as an apron and a rolling pin are hung on a white SKÅDIS Pegboard. A chef's hat is placed on a yellow TROGEN Children's step stool, which is placed in front of the pegboard.
A white RASKOG trolley is filled with dining cutleries and kitchen accessories.

There’s no better place to make it happen than the dining table

Quality-time dinners feel like a breeze in this dining room, but it doesn’t end there. Keep everyone happy with their own activities, and just enjoy the company.

An ANTILOP high chair is dissected into various components, including a chair that a child is sitting on.
A young boy wears a MATVRÅ Bib with patterns of fruits and vegetables, and sits in front of the dining table.
Top view of a MATVRÅ Place mat with alphabet biscuits and a hand towel.
Plates of food neatly placed on the dining table, with the SMASKA 3-piece cutlery set on a child's meal.
Two white URBAN Junior chairs are placed neatly around the dining table.

Create room to play & study

It’s important that children have a space where they can be free to play, learn and be themselves.

A white SMÅGÖRA Desk is placed against the wall, beside a bench in a child's room. White SMÅGÖRA Shelf units are attached above the desk and bench.
An ÖRFJÄLL Children's desk chair is placed in front of a study table in a child's room. A STRANDMON junior chair is placed beside the wardrobe and study table.
FLISAT Children's stools are placed around a child's playroom, where there are drawings on the FLISAT children's table and a notice board.
Toys are neatly compartmentalised in a birch-coloured TROFAST shelf.
A drawing is attached to a MÅLA drawing frame on a child's table, with MÅLA felt-tip pens strewn all over the table.
A young girl plays with the JÄTTELIK dinosaur soft toy, surrounded by soft toys chipanzee and dog.

When it comes to safety testing, no product is exempted

When we develop products for children, we first try to see things the way children do. We know their world revolves around play, movement, imagination, relaxation, sleeping, eating and wellbeing. Each product goes through a long process of testing and is not launched until we are sure that it is safe. And even after our products are launched, we continue to evaluate and test them on a regular basis, and if needed we make improvements.

Find out how we ensure child safety