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5 tips for stress less mornings    

Workday mornings can be the worst, especially if you commute. As commuters, we were happy to try out new ways to get some extra sleep. We can’t guarantee our tips for a streamlined routine will make you a morning person, but maybe you’ll be less stressed and angry at your alarm.

Close up of a soft bed in the morning light.
Close up of a soft bed in the morning light.

1. Choose your outfit the night before to save some morning minutes. No more fumbling in the dark or changing your mind ten times. Give other sleepyheads peace with a dedicated clothes spot in the hallway or bathroom.

2. Pack your lunch ahead of time, so you can grab it and go. While you’re at it, if you prep your breakfast that’s an extra minute or two in bed. We like the idea of having a little juice boost to help your wakeup. Ginger shot anyone?

3. Rise and shine is easier to do when you wake up to lights and sweet melodies. Use timers to make lights come on in sequence, so you wake up naturally. Store your backup alarm (aka phone) in a BYGEL container to amplify sound.

4. Give your teeth the shower treatment. Multitasking means you get more pillow time, so why not brush your teeth while you shower? It’s like a fancy water sprayer at the dentist except at home you’re, uh, naked.

5. Ready your runway. Get out the door faster without a panicked hunt for your keys. Use hooks and hangers for everyday essentials. Bring a healthy road snack and your headphones to kick off your day with ego-boosting energy.

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