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Kitchen textiles - aprons, tea towels, pot holders, oven gloves

As the seasons change, so does the cooking. Salads and smoothies turn into soups, cookies and casseroles on your shelves. Our wide range of kitchen textiles supports your cooking style throughout the year, with pot holders, aprons, and tea towels that make it easy to add new colours and patterns to your kitchen cabinets and drawers.

Kitchen textiles, from pot holders to tea towels

Whether in your kitchen or outside grilling, you can enjoy the softer side of cooking with these kitchen textiles. Pot holders, oven gloves, dishcloths, tea towels and aprons make food preparation and serving a practical pleasure.

See the RINNIG series
A person wearing a MARIATHERES apron stands by a grill and uses RINNIG pot holders to lift a VARDAGEN frying pan.
A RINNIG tea towel, GRILLTIDER barbecue tray and a VAPPEBY Bluetooth speaker lamp are all set on a SUNDSÖ outdoor table.
See the RINNIG series