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Baby textiles

For our baby textiles, we only use soft natural materials that are completely free from any chemical substance or other dangerous components. That’s because we care about your baby’s safety and we want to make sure that, when you leave it in its cot, you can get a good night’s sleep too.

Bed linen for your sweet little dreamer

Help give your baby the right conditions for sleep with comfortable bed linen that’s soft and gentle on their skin. The cotton in IKEA children’s textiles comes from sustainable sources, so they’re gentle on the planet, too.

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A baby lies on top of a quilt with a blue striped GULSPARV quilt cover next to a pillow with a GULSPARV pillowcase.
A multicoloured, cotton, 3-piece RÖRANDE bed linen set for a cot is draped down from an open drawer in a wardrobe.
A pair of slippers sit on the floor near a quilt inside a pink flamingo-patterned RÖRANDE quilt cover for a cot.
Quilts and pillows inside KLÄMMIG red and turquoise quilt covers and pillowcases for cots sit on a wooden stool.
A baby lies sleeping in a cot with grey KLÄMMIG 3-piece bed linen for a cot made from sustainably grown cotton.
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Baby soft towels and washcloths

Sometimes, a soft, absorbent towel or washcloth is exactly what your baby’s sensitive skin needs. And, like all IKEA children’s textiles, they’re tested so you can be sure they don’t contain any harmful substances.

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The hand of an adult holds onto a baby who is sitting on a bed wearing a patterned KLÄMMIG baby towel with hood.
A pile of KRAMA washcloths sits on the floor in front of a LÄTTSAM baby bath. One washcloth is draped over the bath.
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