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BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, dark brown oak effect,

Price ₱ 7990
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BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, black oak effect, 80x30x202 cm
BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, dark brown oak effect, 80x30x202 cm
BILLY / OXBERG Bookcase with doors, oak effect, 80x30x202 cm
BILLY Bookcase with doors, white, 80x30x202 cm

How to get it

BILLY bookcase is a beloved icon that, thanks to its versatility, can be used in many ways. This solution with OXBERG panel doors has closed and open storage – suitable for living room and dining areas.

Article number094.836.40

Product details

BILLY is a versatile bookcase that works just as good as a storage unit and is suitable to use in many different ways at home.

Behind the panel doors you can keep your belongings hidden and free from dust.

The shallow and adjustable shelves help you customize your BILLY and allow you to use it as you like – for storing everyday items, memorabilia or other things you collect.​

BILLY has a simple and timeless design that is easy to personalize by adding boxes, lighting and your favorite items.

The wooden expression with a tactile wood texture brings a warm and natural feel into your home and adds a beautiful and vibrant look to the room.

The back panel fixes in place with snap fittings – making BILLY easy to assemble and disassemble, so you can bring it when moving instead of buying a new one.

Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door horizontally and vertically.


Width: 80 cm (31 1/2 ")

Depth: 30 cm (11 3/4 ")

Height: 202 cm (79 1/2 ")

Max load/shelf: 30 kg (66 lb)




An updated storage hero

BILLY bookcase has been a customer favorite for over 40 years – but even old faithful servants need to be updated to keep up with the times. We took a closer look at this storage hero and came up with some ideas. One means more efficient use of materials and another makes the bookcase easier to assemble and take apart. The improvements can be hard to see – except on the price tag – which has become even more pleasant to see.