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Office furnishings

Customize your ecosystem of storage

Visible, accessible or simply out of sight? Find and combine the right mix of shelving, boxes, organizers, pegboards and other storage solutions to match the needs of your business.

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A sunlit workspace with a TROTTEN sit-stand desk and a HATTEFJÄLL office chair, next to a window filled with green plants.
A light office interior a row of white HÄLLAN cabinets with sliding doors beneath a combination of white SKÅDIS pegboards.
Wall-mounted KALLAX oak-effect shelving units with plants and decorations on top and LUSTIGKURRE and other baskets inside.
A green-coloured room with an IDÅSEN glass-door cabinet with accessories and a HÄSTVISKARE mini chest of drawers inside.
Multiple HARVMATTA boxes of two different kinds stacke and spread on the wooden desktop of a RIDSPÖ desk.
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A light desktop with scattered but symmetrically arranged office accessories and desk-work paraphernalia.

Get expert help to plan your space

IKEA offers a comprehensive interior design service for all your business needs. So whatever you need, from lighting ideas to storage tips, our qualified interior designers are happy to help.

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A fine moment in conference chair evolution

First, there’s the changeable, washable cover in several spiffy shades. Then, the birch-veneer shell. To top it off, the slimline frame that goes equally well stacked or resting on a table edge. All wrapped into a stylish, sturdy whole. Also, note the back pocket that’s perfect for personalised meeting kits.

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A room with LÄKTARE chairs with covers in different colours. Three are stacked, the lone one has a notebook in its pocket.
From a table with a stack of papers on it hangs a birch-veneer LÄKTARE chair, its metal armrests resting on the tabletop.
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Let us help you all the way

It’s our business to help you take care of yours. Our IKEA for Business team is ready to assist you. Drop us your details and we will be in touch with you within the next two working days.

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Everything you need for a coordinated office space

TROTTEN system – Focus and collaborate with flexible and adaptable office furniture at a competitive price
BEKANT system – Office storage and flexible desk combinations in different shapes and sizes
GALANT series – Modular storage combinations, shelves and drawers that fit perfectly with BEKANT desks
IDÅSEN system – Office storage and sit/stand desks in coated steel and with rounded details
Office chairs – Swivel chairs with lumbar support and ergonomic designs to make concentrating on the job easier
IKEA 365+ series – Timeless and durable tableware, glassware and cookware

Perfect your place of work with our how-tos

Tips and step-by-step instructions on how to optimise efficiency, well-being and general cleverness in your work environment.

Before you buy

These solutions contain a mix of articles developed for domestic and non-domestic use. Please verify that your purchases are compliant and suitable for the intended use in your area. Contact IKEA for Business for more information about the range.

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It’s our business to help take care of yours. Our IKEA for Business team is ready to assist you.

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