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Mobile & tablet accessories

Our smartphones and tablets are ready to help us whenever we need. But these little heroes need their own little helpers to make sure they stay powered up, too. That’s why we offer many mobile and tablet accessories, including USB chargers, portable chargers and powerbanks.

Your online simplifier

No matter where you are, if you’re working or just surfing – BERGENES holder for mobile/tablet in smooth, renewable bamboo will facilitate your internet sessions.

A mobile phone in a BERGENES holder for mobile phone/tablet on a white table, near a rolled-up document and headphones.
Two bamboo BERGENES holders for mobile phone/tablet and a white wire on a brightly lit white surface.

Stands and supports to make back to school more comfy

So much schoolwork is done on digital devices these days. Why not make it easier and more comfortable with laptop supports and tablet stands?

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A girl sits on her bed in her room looking at a laptop which is sitting on top of a BYLLAN laptop support.
A tablet lies on a white ISBERGET tablet stand which stands on a low wall that has been painted dark yellow.
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