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Ceiling lights

The only thing more appealing than the design is the price

The new ACKJA pendant lamp, made from durable steel, adds an industrial touch to any space. It’s stylish, it’s bold and it’s easy to personalize with our range of decorative LED light bulbs.

An illuminated tube-shaped MOLNART LED bulb on a wave-shaped black ACKJA pendant lamp in a bright red space.
Two illuminated tube-shaped MOLNART LED bulbs on a wave-shaped black ACKJA pendant lamp in a bright red space.

It’s time to light things up

Give your home a fresh style and set the mood by upgrading your ceiling lighting. Pendant lamps and ceiling lights illuminate your dining table, guide you through (dark) hallways, and give you a great overview. Whether your interior has an industrial feel or a retro vibe, we have the ceiling light that fits.

A large BUNKEFLO pendant lamp in white and birch is hanging over a white TROTTEN desk and a couple of white swivel chairs.
A white NYMÅNE ceiling spotlight with four spots is placed in front of a HAUGA open wardrobe with some shirts on hangers.
A STORSLINGA LED chandelier with eight arms in black and white is hanging over a small round STENSELE table in anthracite.
A DEJSA chrome-plated ceiling lamp with three opal white glass lamps is placed in front of a window with dark sheer curtains.