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Cushions & cushion covers

They're cosy, soft and make everything comfier. Cushions are a super affordable way to change the the style of your room with minimal effort. Opt for fresh new colours and patterns that will breathe new life into your Bedrooms, Living rooms and Dining rooms.

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A spring refresh with new cushion covers

It’s easy to get your home ready for spring without making a big effort. Even a new cushion cover or two can put you in the right mood!

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A cushion in a light grey-turquoise PUCKELMAL cushion cover with a stitched wave pattern lies on a bed.
A cushion in a light beige/multicolour LYKTBÄRARE cushion cover sits in a chair near a window with curtains.
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Tips on refreshing your home with new cushions and cushion covers.

New ideas to renew your home with cushions

Get tips on how you can use cushions to refresh your home, coordinate your look, welcome a new season and more.

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A total makeover made in a jiffy

Low in price – high on impact. GURLI cushion cover is the ultimate change driver.

One end of a white sofa that has lots of cushions scattered on top of it, covered with different colour GURLI covers.
Three cushions layered across each other, covered with GURLI covers in brown-yellow, white and grey.