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Organize your living

Most people perceive that they never have enough space to store all their things. But with good planning, smart ideas and a combination of different types of storage, it is possible to create more storage space than one could imagine.

Working with storage

Storage plays an important role in a well-functioning household. Smart storage solutions save time and space by making it easier to clean, find things and put things back.

Make the most of available space by using the full wall-height for storage. Make sure it is possible to reach the top shelf with a step-stool or ladder nearby.

Place the storage where it is easy for children and grown-ups to reach. Placing things at child height allows children to find things, take them out and put them back on their own.

Plan drawers and shelves to ensure there is no empty space in between. This will make the most of available space and still provide good overview.

Multi-functional products and solutions such as a coffee table, which also serves as storage space, are handy for storing extra blankets and cushions.

Place storage solutions near to where the stored items will be used; like coffee and cups next to the coffee machine.

Different types of storage

Open storage allows an overview and puts often-used items within easy reach, but the stored items are exposed to dust.

Closed storage protects against dust, hides clutter and can create a unified look but does not provideas much overview as open storage.

Deep storage is suitable for large objects for instance under deep countertops in kitchens. Whether placed high or low, drawers and pull-out interior fittings provide a better overview than shelves.

High storage maximises the use of wall space. Use a step-stool or ladder to reach the top shelf.

Low storage makes a small room feel more spacious than if using high storage. It can also be made into a workbench in the kitchen or into a place for unloading keys or mail in the entrance

Storage with textile curtains or sliding doors are practical options for closed storage in small living spaces.

Drawers provide a good overview and put objects deep inside a cabinet or wardrobe within easy reach.

Interior fittings organise and save space in wardrobes, drawers and cabinets, making best use of space and everything easy to take outand put back.

Pull-out interior fittings provide a good overview and puts items in deep cabinets within easy reach. Handles are easier to grasp than knobs where heavy items are stored.

Shelves and brackets can be placed almost anywhere. The material, depth and length are varied according to what is being stored. Heavy objects require stronger shelves with less space between the brackets.

Stackable storage such as bins and boxes save space. There are usually many different sizes, colours and materials to choose from. Transparent boxes are practical for seeing what is inside. Otherwise, labels, symbols and pictures may be useful.

Multi-functional products

A wall-mounted kitchen rail with hooks or stands may be useful in other rooms such as the in the bathroom, by a desk or in your closet.

A storage unit on castors can also be used as a bedside table.

A shallow picture rail can be used for storing and display numerous things.

A magnetic rail for knives can also be useful for keeping tools within easy reach.

Storage solutions for different activities

All sorts of activities require equipment, accessories, clothing, etc. that need to be stored somewhere and easy to find when needed. Organise around these activities or routines.