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Planning tools

Become your own designer with our planning tools.


Sofa that welcomes you home - HÄRLANDA planner

A sofa that welcomes you home

HÄRLANDA is extra deep and has soft and movable back cushions. It can be combined into various sizes and shapes like a welcoming embrace for you, your family and friends.

Designed to be designed by you - FINNALA planner

Designed to be designed by you

You can create exactly the sofa that suits you. Want to enlarge it or add another section or a chaise longue with storage. With the FINNALA planning tool, it's easy!

Modular sofa with storage solution - VALLENTUNA planner

Modular sofa with a storage solution

Not just a sofa - it can be your storage, a bed or just a big lounge place for all your friends. Be creative, play around and create your own.

Sofa that suits your lifestyle - SÖDERHAMN planner

A sofa that suits your lifestyle

SÖDERHAMN modular sofa makes it easy to design your combination. Use our planning tool to build a sofa for the kind of life you live.


Customise as you like - PAX

Customise as you like

Create a wardrobe as you need - the width, the depth, the door and the interiors.

Multi-storage solution - ELVARLI

Multi-storage solution

Keep your clothes under the eyes or hide them in drawers. It is up to you to build the storage combination that best suits with our ELVARLI tool.


Your dream bed

The Bed Configurator will help you to design a complete bed solution so you can have your dream bed in just a few simple steps.


Good night's sleep, every night

Our Comfort Guide is designed to offer you recommendations suited for your sleeping comfort and support needs.

Storage Solution

Storage solution that suits all needs - EKET planner

Storage solution that suits all needs

Combine different elements the way your creativity tells you. Visualise endless combinations and create a functional solution that's perfect for your home.

Arrange some heavy metal storage - BROR planner

Arrange some heavy metal storage

Design industrial strength storage that's not scared of dirt and heavy loads.

Design the bedroom of your dreams - NORDLI planner

Design the bedroom of your dreams

Create a bedroom to live with you day-and-night, with our NORDLI planner. Modular chests of drawers so you can adapt, and lots of smart ideas to keep the dream real.

Create your own BESTÅ solution

Create your own BESTÅ solution

Play around with sizes, doors, legs - In different styles and colours to create your personal BESTÅ storage solution.

Aurdal storage

Perfect storage for shoes and clothes

Do you want to utilize the small and tricky places in your home? With AURDAL storage system you can customize a solution to fit all your storage needs for shoes and clothes.

Say hi to JONAXEL

Say hi to JONAXEL

An affordable, flexible and sturdy open storage system to will make your home more organised. Perfect for bedrooms and kitchens as well as in-between areas like reach-in closets and hallways.

KALLAX planner

KALLAX, flexible and efficient

Experience the flexibility of KALLAX, visualize endless combinations and create a functional solution that’s perfect for your home.

BOAXEL planner

BOAXEL, a fit for every room

Configure, plan and customize your BOAXEL solution for any room with the BOAXEL planner.

Home office

IKEA desk

The perfect desk for you

What spurs your creativity? Here’s a planning tool for you to combine top and legs to a place where you can sit down and do the stuff you love to do.

IKEa chairs

Comfort and style for your office chair

Ergonomics comes in many styles, that’s why we’ve created this LÅNGFJÄLL office chair planner, so you can design your very own. No matter which parts from our LÅNGFJÄLL range you choose, the built-in comfort design will always be the same.


Dining chairs with individuality

Dining chairs with individuality

Create your own unique dining area with personalised dining chairs, designed only by you.


Plan your dream kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen

Try different layouts, cabinets, colours and more to see in your space with easy-to-use IKEA kitchen planner.

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