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IKEA México cookies policy

This document has the purpose of informing our clients and visitors about the technologies that IKEA México uses to evaluate their likes and preferences when browsing the internet, with the purpose of offering a better navigation experience, as well as evaluating the satisfaction level regarding the products or services that IKEA México offers to its consumers.

IKEA México uses cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies to collect information related to the user name, IP address, preferences and purchases made, schedule and browsing time in the website, websites opened before and after. This information is collected for statistical and marketing purposes, which allows to offer better products and services, as well as a better experience based in your previous experience.


What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that download automatically to your device or computer when you navigate in a website, allowing the internet server to collect information about the user who is browsing the website. There are different types of cookies, each one with different purposes, which allow monitoring the activities of internet users and offer them a better experience based on the websites they visit and their preferences when accessing them.

Like other websites, IKEA México uses cookies to save your browsing preferences, monitor the sections that you visit in our website and the items/services in which you show interest, with the purpose of defining your preferences and be able to focus in addressing them.

We offer you below a description of the cookies we can use to collect your data:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: Cookies that allow the navigation in a website. These cookies allow the use of the functions that are part of the website and remember previous actions made in it.
  • Performance cookies: They help to evaluate the frequency with which a user enters a website and allow evaluating the operation of the website, detecting errors or failures that may occur.
  • Functionality cookies: They help to identify data connected to the user’s preferences (country of origin, city, language, currency) so that the user can access these functions without needing to update a website’s settings. This type of cookies also allows access to a website’s content, such as videos or images.
  • Advertising cookies: Cookies that are useful to share ads according to the interests you have shown in your search. They allow to evaluate the impact and level of interest of users in the advertisements.


What are web beacons?

Visible or hidden images inserted in a website or email which are used with the purpose of following up the user’s behavior in this media. Some of the data collected through this technology are: IP address, browser used, operating system, and the moment when the website was accessed.

Web beacons are necessary to authenticate and validate the identity of the users who login IKEA México’s website, as well as for the functions related to the website’s security.


Disabling cookies, web beacons and technologies:

Just as we have shared, these technologies are useful so that IKEA México can offer a better experience to its clients and visitors, therefore, their limitation or restriction can affect the user’s browsing experience.

Nonetheless, in case the user is interested in disabling the cookies, web beacons and/or other technologies the procedure set forth for such purpose must be followed, as indicated below:

The procedure is different for different types of browsers, so the links of the most used browsers are shown, however you should always follow the procedure established by each browser to disable and/or delete cookies:


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