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Take a day off

Sometimes all we need is a day off to relax. Taking some time off with friends and family or even alone. Whatever you plan to do, or wherever you plan to go, explore our essentials for your next trip.

Day trips | Overnight trips | Weekend getaways | Long Holidays | Store Travel items

Day trips

Heading out for a day, just to relax and to have a change of scenery. You don't have to go far to enjoy your own little mini vacation. Take the bus to the beach or take a walk to your nearest park and you're good to go!

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Overnight trips

Pack your toothbrush and some pajamas and off you go! Heading out to visit your family or friends, just add a little extra time and stay overnight. Enjoy some breakfast and have less stress traveling back home.

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Weekend Getaways

Going home and visiting friends or family can really ease your mind. If the weather is unstable, don't worry, just bring a big enough bag and pack some extra clothes, shoes, and your umbrella.

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Long Holidays

Even if there is no trip coming up right now, one can still make plans and have dreams about vacation time. When packing for a longer trip it's best to make list, so to not forget anything. Practical clothes bag, help you keep organized during your travels and keep things in place, even when the bag is shuffled around.

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How to store your travel items

The easiest way to save some space is to use the onion technique and store smaller bags in bigger ones. Make sure to take out all liquids and perishable items before packing your bags away. Keep your travel items like eye-mask and earplugs together in one place, so you'll find them easily the next time you make a trip. Soap, shampoo, and other travel liquids can easily be stored in a freezer bag.

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