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Ideal bags for school, work and life

Go out sustainably

Introducing new bags that are perfect for commuting to work, school, and leisure. All of them are light and have plenty of function, and some of them use recycled polyester for the fabric. Let's go out sustainably with your favorite.

It's the perfect size for documents, textbooks and PCs, so it's perfect for work/school or for a little outing.

Choose the size that suits your needs, from a backpack with excellent storage capacity that you can still afford to put everything you need, to a compact size that suits also children.

Ideal for short trips, private or business. Timeless weekend bags hold everything you could possibly need during the trip – from passport and computer to clothes and shoes.

t’s quite nice when small items have an obvious place and home. You don’t have to look for keys and earphones when you’re on the go.

Lunch boxes, water bottles, umbrellas, chargers...items that help you to be ready to go out. Take your favorite ones to make your time on the go happier.