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Store who you are

We believe that storage isn’t just the great enabler of passions and activities. It can also be beautiful and self-expressive. A unique way of showing who you are and expressing what you’re passionate about. 

Here, we show people’s passions and hobbies – and how they store them. Strong individuals with unique passions as inspiring examples of how you can make storage into something creative that’s truly your own.

From a Brazilian cake-baking virtuoso to an organic tie-dye artist in Brooklyn, and from a touring drag performer to a vertical urban gardener – we have collaborated with 11 amazing individuals to co-create the storage solutions they need to live their passions. Be it flexible storage for photography, pyrography and pottery making, or clever ways to display vast collections of videogames, books, and spices. Real people, real stories.

Let’s be proud and show who we are through storage!

A young woman is sitting in a STRANDMON armchair. On the floor next to her, are an electric guitar and an amplifier. On the wall behind her is a big bookshelf full of powerful speakers.

The organic tie-dyer

Audrey is a colourist and artisanal dyer, living in Brooklyn. She makes her dye from all-natural ingredients, sourced from her daily life, travels, and visits to the ocean. Capturing the organic pigments in nature, Audrey fills her boiling pot with everything from seaweed, squid ink and plankton to flowers, clay, and soil. With her unique natural dye, Audrey then creates colourful art, fashion, and interiors.

Explore her storage
A woman is leaning over a desk full of glass jars and flowers. She is using a paintbrush to dye a piece of textile the colour pink.

Explore her storage