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Create a space to refresh your mind

RelaxUnwind | Hobbies 

A relaxing living room with an inviting VIMLE sofa in beige.

    It's important to change your mood when you're spending more time at home than usual. Let's create an environment where it is easy to switch on and off at home, relax and refresh, even during times of teleworking. 

    A living room can be a space to relax, to unwind, or be a place to enjoy your hobbies


    Destress after a long day of work. If you can't stop thinking about work, or even can't stop to work, some simple routines might help. Close the laptop, keep work chat to a minimum and plan some time off just for yourself. 

    A relaxing living room

      Lean back and relax

      Switching off after work can be a hard task. Let's put your laptop, phone, and other distractions aside, and simply enjoy life on the sofa. Find out how to find mindful moments in your busy schedule or read on how to reconnect with yourself.

      No more work talk

      It's okay to sit down and talk about work with your family or partner, but don't forget to let go and enjoy other things as well. If it's hard to chat about something else, set yourself a time, and then switch to another topic. 

        Time to rest

        Do you have a hard time keeping up with your work schedule? Are you always working late? Maybe it is time to put up a clock, so can keep track of your time. Create a schedule for yourself, so you can't forget when to take time off. 

        Keep track of your schedule

        It can ease your mind to keep track of your appointments and to-dos. No matter what you have to organize, post-it notes, bills to pay, or meeting notes, a memo board can help with that. 

        memo board

          RelaxUnwind | Hobbies 

          Unwind after a long day

          Letting go of work, stress, and schedules sound easier than it is. Make some after-work plans for yourself, like calling your friends, have a movie night, or enjoy a drink in your livingroom. 

            Home Cinema

            Too tired to leave the house? Let's have a cinema at home with family or friends. Prepare some popcorn and snacks, your favorite drinks, and showtime!

            Set up your home cinema with those simple steps. Or enjoy some tips and ideas from our interior designers, how to extend your living room to the balcony.

            Indoor picnics

            What better way to enjoy the cold weather than a picnic? Parks and beaches are usually our top destinations for a picnic, but have you tried a picnic at home?

            Read our guide for Picnics at home or enjoy some tips and ideas from our interior designers on how to enjoy camping at home

            RelaxUnwind | Hobbies 

            Find a new Hobby

            Too tired to do anything else after a busy day? Starting a new hobby can refresh your mind and help you find a new focus. Even when days are stressful, the anticipation of spending time with your leisure activities can keep your stress levels low. 

            Create a reading habit

            The best way to let go of thoughts is to immerse yourself in a great book. What better way to end a day than yo lean back in your favorite chair and a fantastic book. Don't know how to organize all those books? Take a look here.

            Practice your green thumb

            Plants are known for being good house guests, as they filter your air and keep good company.  If you don't have a green thumb, learn how to take care of house plants, or read more about how plants help increase well being.

            BERANKA vase

              Declutter to show off!

              To start a new hobby, you have to create a space where you can keep and maybe display your favorite items. Let go of old things and create this special place for your new love. Learn how to create a gallery wall in your own home, or get inspired by other collectors' shelves.

              Create an Oasis for yourself

              Do you think it's selfish to spend time alone? Think again! Recharge and energize, spend some quality me-time, and start new projects and hobbies with fresh energy, motivation, and creativity.