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Wild childhood: a shared room inspired by nature

Welcome to a world where little ones rule, and where growing together is the greatest adventure of all. Subtle elements of nature pop up throughout this adorable space, bringing the thrill of the outdoors to both play and bedtime. Long-lasting furniture, like extendable beds and adjustable wardrobes, will see them through many fun-filled years ahead.

A children’s room with a pair of side-by-side, white SLÄKT extendable beds. Toys, decorations and storage dot the room.
A children’s room with a pair of side-by-side, white SLÄKT extendable beds. Toys, decorations and storage dot the room.

A mix and match of colours (and creatures)

Blue, pink and red. Bunnies, hippos and dinosaurs. The anything-goes look of this room works well for all ages, genders and interests: a smart idea for multiple children sharing. White walls and furniture make it easier, and more affordable, to update the space as they grow up.

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On a fluffy patch of a blue banana-pattern VÄNKRETS quilt cover lies a VANDRING HARE soft toy, seemingly engrossed in a book.
A FLISAT children’s stool stands beneath a SMÅSTAD wardrobe with a pull-out unit, its top pale-turquoise and bottom white.
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A red-striped pyjama piece left on a ruffled children’s bed made with white-and-forest-animal-patterned BARNDRÖM bed linen.

Safety and snuggle approved

Parents can sleep easy knowing that all IKEA children’s bed linen is free from all harmful substances, phthalates or chemicals – and made from soft, breathable materials like cotton and cotton-viscose blends.

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Once upon a time, in a land far way

This forest-themed wall lamp creates a warm and cosy atmosphere for the next eagerly awaited chapter of the kids’ favourite fairy tale. And, like all IKEA children’s lighting products, it has gone through some of the toughest safety tests in the world.

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A DUGGREGN LED wall lamp with forest motif softly lights a children’s room. A row of toys sits on a ledge above it.
In a dim room with only bedside lamps lit, a man sits with a book in his hands next to a girl lying in bed.
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Room for whatever world they dream up next

The soft and centrally-located rug frees up floor space for an adventurous day of indoor escapades, surrounded by storage in all shapes and sizes to help handle the aftermath. Just a few minutes is all it takes to go from blanket fort to bedtime ready.

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A children’s room mid-playtime session, with a cosy den built with green PLUFSIG gym mats and BARNDRÖM bed linen.
A corner of a room with a white-and-pale-turquoise SMÅSTAD wardrobe, toys, and a FLISAT book display and children’s stool.
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