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Nesting with a newborn

In this shared bedroom of this newly married couple and their brand new baby, comfort and calmness reign supreme. From baby’s nursery corner to their ultra-compact wardrobes, “less is more” is the motto throughout. But a peaceful, snooze-affirming sleep space isn’t the only plus – their pared-back approach means they never buy more than they need, saving money for the things and experiences that really matter.

A cosy bedroom with rich caramel walls and a VADHEIM upholstered bed frame, a wall lamp and a bedside table.
A cosy bedroom with rich caramel walls and a VADHEIM upholstered bed frame, a wall lamp and a bedside table.

If cosy were a colour scheme

The warm camel shade on the walls is calmed with soft tones of grey and beige, setting a peaceful scene for a good night’s sleep. The choice of materials adds to the mood, like pure cotton textiles, light woods and bamboo.

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Three EKET cabinets turn the space below a low window into smart extra storage.
A cosy close-up of ÄNGSLILJA pillowcases in light grey-beige, mixed with dark grey cushions.
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A compact NORDKISA wardrobe, beside an open white door, houses a small collection of clothes on hangers plus shoes and boxes.

Simplified dress sense

This couple’s minimal clothing situation was vital when baby’s furniture moved in, reducing outfits to a few always-in-style staples, housed in a compact bamboo wardrobe and under-window cabinets with drawers.

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All set for rest

In bed at a good hour? Check! Glass of water on standby? Check! Tomorrow’s clothes hanging and ready to go? Triple check! Congratulations: you’re on your way to a night of slumbering.

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Clothes, a bag and various accessories in diverse colours hanging from a HÖVOLM rack with 6 knobs.
A water-filled IKEA 365+ carafe with stopper and glass, placed on a bedside table together with a small pile of books.
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Newborn essentials

Regular feeds and lots of naps are pretty much all that a new baby needs. These parents wanted their nursery corner to be as no-frills as possible, with safe, durable materials and long-lasting functions that will grow up with their little one.

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This cosy nursery corner includes a SNIGLAR cot and FLISAT wall storage, both in natural wood.
A SOLGUL blanket in dark yellow with an assortment of baby textiles in grey and white together with a small stuffed toy.
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