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A studio with soul: a small apartment with space for it all

“When I moved into my small apartment with my piano and vast record collection, I wondered how I would fit it all in. Thankfully, all it took was some time and imagination. A busy mind doesn’t have to mean a messy home, and this little space holding my life and work is proof of this!”

A green-walled living room with a dark-grey PÄRUP three-seat sofa with chaise longue, and a BORGEBY birch coffee table.
A green-walled living room with a dark-grey PÄRUP three-seat sofa with chaise longue, and a BORGEBY birch coffee table.

My living area isn't the usual crash-on-the-couch-after-work experience

“This is where I work. Sometimes I get so deep into my flow that I work far later than I should. In my quest to get closer to that elusive work-life balance, I've programmed my lights to dim at the end of the workday – a subtle (but effective!) reminder that it's time to step away from the piano and into the evening.”

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A schematic drawing of the layout of an apartment.
A cluster of textiles, including anthracite HILLARED and grey GULLKLOCKA cushions, on the chaise-longue end of a PÄRUP sofa.
Grey-turquoise EKET wall-mounted shelving units on a living room wall. They hold, and are framed by, books and decorations.
Multiple EKET cabinets, in different colours and types, that together form a column of storage, decoration and empty space.
A piano and a column-shaped combination of EKET cabinets stand side by side. Free surfaces are dotted with decorative items.
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A woman with long, dark hair sitting by a piano, her hands on the keys.
Music lies at the centre of my home – whether I'm making it, picking out a record, or playing my new favourite song with just the touch of a button.

Never underestimate the power of a small kitchen

“While I would never say no to an evening spent exploring the city, so many of my favourite nights have been in my little kitchen. It’s true! Because I don’t have a dining room, I’ve added seating in here, inadvertently turning my kitchen into my home’s social hub. In fact, many of my musical collabs have begun right here – drummed out on the worktop.”

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A kitchen with ENHET kitchen cabinets, a GÖRLIG oven in stainless steel and a JAKOBSBYN pendant lamp hanging from above.
A TYNGDLÖS tray with three bowls filled with snacks on a terrazzo-style worktop. A white RUNDLIG serving bowl stands nearby.
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There's a deceiving amount of closed storage in here

“I thought I’d have to trim down my appliance collection, but I’ve found a convenient spot for everything. It also means everything always looks tidy with minimal effort – super convenient! My two little spice racks are the only exposed storage, giving me easy access to all my favourite flavours and aromas.”

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A terrazzo-style worktop with an APTITLIG butcher's block, on which lie a blue SANDVIVA tea towel and a black VÖRDA knife.
A pair of BEKVÄM aspen spice racks which are filled with condiments and mounted on a green kitchen wall next to a window.
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I often find it tricky to switch off at night

“Maybe it’s because I work from home – maybe it’s the nature of my career. But since installing my smart, block-out blinds my sleep has changed, all for the better. They don’t just block out any glare from outside, they also open on their own in the morning, so I don't have to set an alarm. The magic of technology!”

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Parted glass doors open onto a bedroom with a BJÖRKSNÄS birch bed, dark-blue KOPPARBLAD bed linen, and a desk and chair.
A BJÖRKSNÄS birch bedside table with a white DEJSA lamp on it stands beneath a picture ledge with art, and beside a bed.
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Can we have a moment for my adorable sink?

“It might be small, but it has just enough space below to fit my footstool when I'm not using it to grab a nail file from a top shelf of my cabinet. And in case you hadn’t noticed, smart light bulbs are my new best friend. Now the lighting in here is always perfect – whether I'm winding down or glamming up.”

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A bathroom with an ENHET bathroom cabinet, a VILTO storage stool, VIKFJÄRD towels hanging and FRIHULT lamps on the wall.
A narrow cabinet with its shelves filled with beauty paraphernalia, some of it in a smoked-plastic GODMORGON mini chest.
Three hooks on the wall of a green-tiled bathroom hold light-pink VIKFJÄRD hand towels and other bathroom accessories.
A bathroom with a BROGRUND towel rail in stainless steel with a pink VIKFJÄRD hand towel and an ENHET bathroom cabinet.
A windowsill in a bathroom holding a SAXBORGA storage box with mirror, filled with and surrounded by make-up accessories.
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Last minute lipstick check in the mirror and off I go!

“In my heart of hearts, I’m a full-blown maximalist. Thanks to these tall cabinets, my hallway is now a well-utilised home for all the things I've held onto, like my coveted handbag collection. Night on the town, here I come.”

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Two stacked, turquoise KUGGIS storage boxes holding notebooks and paper stand on a rug beneath a BILLY glass-door bookcase.
Rows of gold-colour LASSBYN mirrors hang on a green wall amid coats on hooks and a lit wall-mounted lamp.
A section of a grey-turquoise BILLY glass-door bookcase with its shelves filled with frames, decorations and artful objects.
Two beige STRANDMON footstools line a hallway. Beneath them lie a pair of boots on a beige zigzag-patterned BREDEVAD rug.
A living room wall taken up by side-by-side, grey-turquoise BILLY glass-door bookcases filled with storage and decoration.
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Living room with grey-turquoise EKET wall-mounted shelving units which hold, and are framed by, books and decorations.

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