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Home fragrance

How do you want your home to smell? Fresh? Flowery? A home fragrance helps set the atmosphere and can help your mood, too – like relaxing lavender. So take a deep breath and find a room fragrance you love. (Since your screen won’t offer much of a sample, a store visit may be in order. Yay!)

A Scandinavian-style dining area with lit ADLAD scented candles and tealights on top of a dining table, by a large window.

Create the right atmosphere with scented candles

Different scents bring different moods. Discover how our new scented candles – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – can create your desired atmosphere at home.

Find scented candles for every mood

Scented candles for every room and nose

There’s more to a room than meets the eye. Scented candles make this especially true. Try furnishing with fragrances, and discover how they add to the atmosphere of a space – besides the cosy glow that comes with them.

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A grey ENSTAKA scented candle, a white ADLAD scented candle, decorations and a white plate, all placed on a light tablecloth.
Hands cupping a beverage in a glass resting on an outdoor bamboo table. On it is a light-beige JÄMLIK vanilla-scented candle.
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