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Flower pots & planters

Even if it’s cold and wet outside, a few beautiful plants and plant pots will mean it’s always summer, somewhere in your home. Caring for plants helps us to appreciate the here and now. Our pots and plants help you bring new colours and textures into your home for nature-inspired updates.

Planters and pots designed to make your plants pop

Plants deserve a happy home too. Jazz up your plants and indoor flowers a little with flower pots and planters with unique designs. These plant pots feature textures and details directly on ceramics and glass for that vibrant look that makes your plants come alive.

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Three plant pots with artificial plants, including a grey GRADVIS plant pot, are placed on wooden shelves on a wooden wall.
Two SESAMFRÖN plant pots for indoor or outdoor use in off-white, one holding a green plant shoot, and other plants beside.
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More optionsGRADVIS Plant pot 15 cm

GRADVIS Plant pot, grey, 15 cmGRADVIS Plant pot, pink, 12 cmGRADVIS Plant pot, in/outdoor black, 6 cm

More optionsPERSILLADE Plant pot 12 cm

PERSILLADE Plant pot, dark grey, 15 cmPERSILLADE Plant pot, dark grey, 24 cmPERSILLADE Plant pot, dark grey, 32 cm

More optionsKLYNNON Plant pot 12 cm

KLYNNON Plant pot, handmade bamboo, 24 cmKLYNNON Plant pot, handmade bamboo, 9 cm

More optionsDAIDAI Plant pot 12 cm

DAIDAI Plant pot, brass-colour, 9 cmDAIDAI Plant pot, brass-colour, 19 cm

More optionsNYPON Plant pot 24 cm

NYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor pale blue, 9 cmNYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor pale blue, 12 cmNYPON Plant pot, in/outdoor grey, 12 cm

More optionsSESAMFRÖN Plant pot 9 cm

SESAMFRÖN Plant pot, in/outdoor off-white, 12 cm

More optionsSAGOGRYN Plant pot 13 cm

SAGOGRYN Plant pot, grey/handmade, 9 cm

More optionsSAMVERKA Plant pot 9 cm

SAMVERKA Plant pot, white, 12 cm

More optionsVATTENMELON Plant pot 12 cm

VATTENMELON Plant pot, black, 15 cm

More optionsKAKTUSFIKON Plant pot 12 cm

KAKTUSFIKON Plant pot, rattan, 24 cm
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Take a seat, plants!

Give your plants a spot in the sun. And everyone near them a green boost in the process. Since window space is a limited resource, adding a surface – like a bench or a side table – close to the sill enables you to spread the joy.

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Leaf cuttings in CYLINDER glass vases on a windowsill and green plants in KLYNNON and FRIDFULL plant pots on a bench below.
Two leafy plants, one in a KLYNNON bamboo plant pot and the other in a handwoven FRIDFULL plant pot, on a blue bench.
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