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Wall cabinets

Cabinets For Your Dream Kitchen

Your kitchen might be equipped with all the latest appliances, fancy china, and handy tools, but you still need a place to store it all - this is where our wall cabinets come in. Our METOD cabinet range comes in a variety of styles and finishes that meshes in with your kitchen. There is an elegant white METOD cabinet. Its clear glass doors put your silverware on display while the adjustable shelves let you store even the larger bowls and dishes. You can also go for the METOD top cabinet for your fridge or freezer. Both these wall cabinets come with snap-on hinges that don’t require screws - you can take the door out to clean it or to mix up the look a bit, without much hassle. It considers your kitchen layout too, as you get the flexibility to mount the door on the left or right side. And if you want to make the most of your space, there is the METOD corner cabinet with a carousel that lets you pull out the items inside without having to bend or crouch.

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