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Speakers of the house

Start your favourite song with a speaker that makes the tunes blend into your home. Choose a Wi-Fi speaker that’s also a lamp, or that’s also a bookshelf, or that’s also a picture frame and enjoy a fantastic sound.

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A black SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker is hanging on a white wall over a dark brown cabinet.
A white SYMFONISK picture frame with WiFi speaker hangs on a beige bedroom wall behind a bed with white bedlinen.
A black SYMFONISK speaker lamp base with WiFi and a black glass shade is placed on a wooden table by a green plant.
A SYMFONISK floor lamp with WiFi speaker is standing in a living room next to a green sofa on a cream rug.
A white SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker is hanging on the wall in a living room next to a white sofa.
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A complete orchestra on 31x15 cm

These SYMFONISK speakers offer you great sound from a small source, while moonlighting as shelves.

Two SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speakers, the white one is on the wall with books on it, the black one is on a black side table.
A white SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker attached to a wall with a small pile of books on top of it.
Tips about how you can use IKEA wireless speakers to fill your life with your favourite music, radio shows and podcasts.

How to furnish your life with sound

Love listening to music, podcasts and radio? You can find tips here to help you fill your life – at home or outside – with your favourite sounds with IKEA wireless speakers.

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A WiFi speaker that’s part of the furniture

For sweet sounds to wake up to – and drift off to – you can fix the SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker to the bedside wall, where it will happily hold your nighttime reading, too. Looks discreet both as a bookshelf and on a bookshelf.

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White, SYMFONISK WiFi speaker mounted horizontally on a blue wall by a bed, with two books and a gold-coloured clock on top.
Black, SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speaker stands in a bookcase next to books, magazines and a sleeping, black-and-white cat.
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