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Sofas & Sofa-beds

Looking for a sofa? You've come to the right place!

Buy sofas online in India from the world's most loved home furnishing brand, IKEA. Choose from various types of sofas such as fabric sofa, modular sofa, sofa beds, leather and fabric coated sofa, and L-shaped sofa at affordable prices. Redefine your living room with our uniquely and ergonomically crafted sofas that suit your needs best.

The round-the-clock comfort of sofa-beds

Even if it’s just for occasional sleep, simply having the option of an extra bed makes it worthwhile. If you’re considering a sofa – why not go for a two-in-one and make it a sofa-bed?

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A room with a LYCKSELE LÖVÅS two-seat sofa-bed, a NYMÅNE floor lamp and EKENABBEN shelving units with books and decorations.
A room with a bed-mode VIMLE two-seat sofa-bed, beige DYTÅG curtains, and a welcome basket with toiletries on the bed.
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A new cover for a modern-classic sofa

How to update a sofa that’s been a living-room pleaser for generations of comfort seekers? With the new KLIPPAN cover, that’s how! And if its black-and-white pattern inspires to even more monochrome magic – we have that, too.

See the KLIPPAN series
A living room featuring a KLIPPAN sofa and a POÄNG armchair with printed black and white cushions and covers.
A printed KLIPPAN sofa in front of a window with two cushions on top: one is plain black and the other features a cat motif.
See the KLIPPAN series

Sofas in different styles and sizes

ÄPPLARYD series – Elegant simplicity with sleek lines and spacious seats
BACKSÄLEN series – Plenty of charm and comfort with deep seats and arms that open up like a hug
SÖDERHAMN series – Sofas, armchairs and chaise longues with a sleek and modular design

Sofa-beds for multipurpose rooms

VIMLE series – Modular design which you can customise to fit your space, with loads of hidden storage
FRIHETEN series – Sofas that easily convert into beds, with plenty of storage under the seat
KIVIK series – Memory-foam comfort and an overall sofa design to gather in and around

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Have a siesta or a slouch on an IKEA couch

Complete your aesthetic, modern or mediaeval living room by choosing from a wide range of 2-seat and 3-seat sofa sets. Convert your space into a theatre or a bedroom with our multifunctional sofa beds. Make the game, or your house parties more wild and cosy all at once. With the comfy modular sofas, you can enjoy extra space and comfort together. Become the best host in town by giving your guests quality space to enjoy their stay. Check out our chaise longues that are perfect for your date nights or our trendy armchairs that make your grandparents look cool while reading their novels. 

Take your T20 ‘homie’ home!

Find the perfect homie for the big T20s or the IPL right at your home. If your couch serves diversity, your home will be in unity. Getting the right sofa that fits the dimensions of your home, makes your room complete. If it is a studio apartment, consider a two-seater sofa with accent chairs or a single armchair that does not harm. Ornament your home with the perfect modular sofas that can turn your one-bedroom apartment into a group study or game night spot. Find the right sofa for your dream space and fit it in your comfy corner. Save space and traffic in your humble abode. 

Become a maximalist and a minimalist

More the stuff, more the mess and lesser the space. But we have a solution to live in harmony with your furniture beginning with your living room. Convert your footstool into a seating space, your storage bin, your nightstand or a stand for your books. Accommodate more guests for sleepovers by converting your sofa into a bed. Our sofas let you convert your sofa into a bed and your bed into a sofa, with enough space to tuck away the extras conveniently within. Make the most of your convertible sofas. 

Storage or sofa? How about both?

The living room is the place where all the things in your house love to meet. So, increasing the storage space in your living room could be the new solution to your messy livelihood. How about a sofa with both comfort and storage? We provide sofas that have a space to store your tiny toys, books, cables, gadgets, and other things that love the living room. It's an excellent hiding spot for your snacks too. Clean your living room in seconds when you have last-minute guests with a multifunctional couch. 

Clothe your sofa in beauty and splendour

Who doesn’t love an aesthetic living room? With new prints each season, new colours match your walls and are easily washable when it gets dirty. Revive your room decor with a sofa that is both cosy, and aesthetic to match your seasonal themes using removable covers. With PU coated fabrics with pseudo-leather sofas that can serve your lazy majesty easy maintenance after a fun night of chips and drinks. Got some stain on your couch? Bury your worries - our removable and washable sofa covers are here for your rescue. Renew your sofa with style!

Socialise with style and comfort

Have your business meets, video calls and date nights on the most comfortable couches in town. Experience health and comfort in one place. Choose sofas with deep seats and ergonomic designs to keep you wrapped in comfort and productivity. With memory foam and softness, get the maximum support for your body, health for your mind and increased efficiency. Make social moments more memorable, and stress-free by choosing your seatings wisely. We’ve got the best choices in town like a padded sofa for your leisure, to socialise with style and comfort. 

A family-friendly convertible sofa for all

Customise your sofa to seat your friends and families. A commutable sofa transforms to please your lifestyle. Expand or fold your sofas to suit your livelihood or the number of people in your family. We provide a module for you to customise your sofas to accommodate your living space. Attach and remove parts of your sofa based on the guests, the size of your apartment and the shapes of your living space. Convert your sofa to your liking and convenience with a push and pull. 

Through the rain, sun and wind, we shall stand.

 A handsome couch that has both looks and comfort? Now that’s a first! We provide sofas that are framed and cushioned to suit customers’ interests. With strong frames and high-quality foams, the upholstery sofa lasts long enough to be passed on to generations. The unblemished fabrics allow the sofas to endure rough and tough weather or usage. The rate of the abrasion tested upholstery fabrics are proof that our sofas are the best for homes with little children or naughty pets. The sofas are made of fabric that can shield the colour from fading against the brightest sun. Let your couch be your source of solace when life is not the best. 

The Queen of your living room

For dates, for office work, for gaming, for party nights, for sleeping, for your garden and your lazy day in, we have a sofa for every occasion. With colours to suit your walls, patterns to suit desire and materials to suit your comfort, there is a perfect sofa for everyone. Customers can choose from a wide range of modules designed to build extra space for seating, storage or decor. We also provide the choice to minimise your space to help declutter with the maintenance of your living room. You can easily clean your living rooms by using convertible footstools or under-seat storage spaces. We provide various colours, fabrics, leather, designs and styles you can customise your sofa with to match your living room aesthetics. Pouffes are not only for the foot and stretch-outs but can help save space and become a multifunctional tool for both smaller and larger living spaces.

Stop worrying about accommodating all your friends for a sleepover or having a family get-together at your place. Customise your convertible sofa to match the aesthetics of your living space and your comfort. Get quality and luxury at an affordable price.