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Sofas & Sofa-beds

 IKEA’s sofas and sofa-beds are just what you need for an awesome body support and a gorgeous living room aesthetic. Here in this collection, you can find just the comfort you need for TV viewing, a get-together, or when you lie down reading your favourite book. 

A snug and stylish space saver

Sofas in different styles and sizes

JÄTTEBO series – Stylish modular sofas with roomy storage underneath
VISKAFORS series – Gracefulness meets comfort in this classical sofa with a stately feel
ÄPPLARYD series – Elegant simplicity with sleek lines and spacious seats

Sofa-beds for multipurpose rooms

GRÖNLID series – A sectional sofa with generous seats and extra depth and width
BACKSÄLEN series – Plenty of charm and comfort with deep seats, removable covers and arms that open up like a hug
KIVIK series – Cuddle up in comfort with this sofa’s wide seats, low armrests and memory foam

Free 5-year warranty

We offer you a 5-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship that covers the frames and cushions of our sofas.

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How big should a sofa for hall be?

A sofa set creates the initial impression of your home. It is the first furnishing accessory that your guests see when they enter your house. It is also one of the first investments made by new homeowners. The sofa even acts as a bed, or a dining chair when your new house is unfurnished for the first few days. Before making a hasty purchase, you must know which size of sofa set you should be looking for. 

If you’re looking for cosy seating, a 2-seat sofa can create that effect. It accommodates two people and has a thick cushion to keep you comfortable. Since these pieces are not very big, you can easily transport them wherever you move. It’s a sofa that can fit in any living room size and feels like a warm hug. 

For a relatively larger space, you can go for the 3-seater or 4-seater sofas available at IKEA. The 4 seaters usually come with an underframe that can be pulled out to form a bed. These designs look amazing when placed around a coffee table and other decor items. This kind of arrangement can easily accommodate a gathering of people. But it’s still not so large as to overpower or crowd the room, giving ample space for you to move around.

A grand living room demands a grand couch. A generous corner-sofa includes 5 or 6 seats and is ideal for Indian get-togethers, Diwali parties, and birthday celebrations. Royalty, with a touch of luxury. This sofa set complements large spaces and sometimes, an open plan.

All of IKEA’s sofa sets look incredible in your living room. But, what’s most important is to know the dimensions of this room and get a proper understanding of the interiors. By calculating the floor area available at your disposal, you can find a couch that keeps your house airy. 

Which material is best for a sofa chair?

When it comes to home furnishings, one of the first things you should prioritise is the material. The way it feels, that way it appears, and even what goes into its maintenance is all determined by the material. Also, how long the furniture will last largely rests on this aspect. That’s why it's better to know the different materials in which sofa sets are available so that you can make the most informed choice. 

Wood is one the most traditional furniture compositions. Some of the day beds available at IKEA have a solid wooden frame that comes with storage compartments underneath. These designs can be set in any part of the house and are extremely space efficient. Wooden accessories look classy and rustic. But this vintage material also needs attention from time to time to maintain its pristine condition.

Metal is a more durable option when it comes to furniture materials. Sofa sets made of metal are weather resistant and their cold surfaces keep away insects and bedbugs. It is also relatively easy to clean with some regular dusting and wiping keeping the frame intact. IKEA’s single sofa chair has a minimalist design and is well suited for modern apartments with contemporary decors. 

What are the advantages of an upholstered sofa?

The comfort of any furniture lies in its texture. The fabric used in upholstered furniture determines its feel. When your sofa already has padding, you don’t have to go around looking for separate cushions that match the frame. This saves you a lot of time and effort. Also, upholstered sofa sets look much more charming and add tremendous aesthetic value to the room.

The fabric used in upholstered furniture can vary from model to model. If you want something that is easy to clean, faux leather is the best material. Spills and stains, everything can be wiped clean from a leather sofa. But if you’re looking for a fabric that doesn't heat up, linen and cotton cushions work well. They can be used throughout the summers without giving you those terrible sweat bursts. And if the covers are removable, you can toss them in the washing machine every now and then. For a sophisticated and attractive decor, velvet is perhaps the best material. This, followed by suede, makes for the most visually resplendent interior. 

Among the many other benefits of upholstered furniture is its sustainability. Regular wear and tear in the fabric can be reupholstered or sewn back to create a furniture piece as good as new. And if you want to give your living room a fresh look without investing in a separate sofa set, you can simply replace the padding and cushion covers with new ones. 

Couch for bedroom that complements the colour scheme

The colours you choose for your home decide its energy. Home accessories are a fun way of exploring your creative side. By decorating your space the way you want, it can be an extension of your personality. And what’s better than having a home that always keeps you in a good mood?

When designing your bedroom, you can match every piece of furniture to create a synchronised setting. If you have enough space to accommodate a couch for your bedroom, it can add more value to the room. To select the best couch, go for a colour palette that you find the most appealing. 

Soft tones, like pastels and whites are soothing. These shades are very pleasing to the eye and blend with the background very smoothly. IKEA’s couches in subtle colours can match almost any wall colour and setting. They radiate sheer elegance and make for a nice view. 

Want something bold to make a statement? Perhaps our collection of sofa sets in black and dark brown can add this energy. And more than anything, these colours are very good at hiding the mess and stains. So if you want occasional cleaning sessions, this colour scheme is the best for upholstered furniture. 

Who says bright colours don’t make a tasteful aesthetic? Some of IKEA’s vibrant sofa sets come in bright colours like yellow, orange, and red. This warm colour palette might be unconventional, but it is just as, if not, more striking than other designs. It radiates a confident homeowner personality, and allows you to decorate the room with distinctive art pieces. 

Most of the time, creating a soothing space involves making use of a cool colour combination. A peaceful interior can have shades and tints of blue and green. When your couch has a calming aura, it can become your comfort zone. So any activity can seem relaxing when you do it from our peaceful sofa set. 

How to personalise a small couch for bedroom?

Soft cushions always keep your sofa homely. And it’s also the most affordable way of beautifying your existing furniture. When you have extra cushions for back and arm support, you can laze around on your couch for hours on end. An ideal Sunday ritual!

While there’s not much you can change in the standard  sofa beds and chairs, you can always customise its appearance using cushions and pillows. Don’t shy away from using any design you find attractive. Prints, patterns, or solids, any style can keep your bedroom couch from becoming a dull piece of furniture. 

The position of a sofa set also drastically impacts its appearance. You don’t want to crowd the room or make it look chaotic with a mindless arrangement of furniture. Keeping enough floor space will also make the area breathable and well-lit. Depending on the size of your hall or bedroom, you can buy a sofa that merges with the setting without adding a heaviness to it.

Sofa and sofa-beds are essentials for any home. It is one of the most important pieces of furniture that you need no matter how big or small your home is. From IKEA’s varied range, you can find a design for every part of the house. Stylish, durable, and ergonomic, these models add incredible value to the interiors. What’s more is that occasional vacuuming and dusting will keep these pieces in excellent condition. Just as good as new.