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Outdoor Kitchen

Fun picnics to remember 

When the weather is mild, you cannot resist spending time outdoors. Milder weather calls for outdoor cooking and picnics. Show off your culinary skills to friends and family by hosting your next barbecue in style. With our outdoor kitchen essentials, you will be well equipped to create a proper outdoor kitchen. 

For barbecues to remember

Cooking and eating outdoors has a charm of its own. It is easier when you have a good outdoor cooking area setup. Choose from our range of outdoor cooking essentials and furnish your lawn or patio with the essentials that you need. 

Outdoor countertop

While you get the grill fired up, you also need a counter on which you can arrange your ingredients and cooked food. Pick an outdoor counter that is sturdy enough to weather frequent moving and the elements. A counter that has shelves under the countertop maximises storage. A counter will allow conversation with your guests without them getting in the way of your cooking. 

Steel surfaces

Steel countertops are popular in commercial kitchens for good reason. They are cold and heat proof and are very easy to keep clean. An outdoor countertop in steel is low maintenance, hardwearing, rustproof and durable. You do not have to worry about it being exposed to the hot sun or an unexpected shower. Do not use steel counters for chopping. Use a chopping board instead.


If you are going to leave your outdoor kitchen furniture on your patio, it should be multifunctional. You can use some of our outdoor counters as potting benches. They will help you repot your plants without bending and straining your back. The shelves underneath are handy for storing garden tools and other essentials. 

Our outdoor cooking counters will look just as good in your kitchen. Extend your kitchen counter or create a kitchen island with a cooking counter. You can move it outdoors during barbecue season. Make the most of it indoors for the rest of the year.  

Thoughtful design

A small elevation at the back is useful to keep items from being inadvertently pushed off the back of the countertop. Powder-coated shelves and frames are hardwearing and easy to clean. 

Outdoor trolleys

Outdoor cooking needs you to move ingredients and condiments from your kitchen to your patio or garden. A trolley that is suitable for outdoor use makes this easy. Place all your essentials on the trolleys and wheel it out. Clearing up is also as easy as rolling the trolley back in. Add a shelf to the trolley to create more storage. Choose a wooden finished trolley to match your outdoor furniture. You can then easily use it to wheel snacks and drinks around your outdoor party.  


Serve your outdoor meals just as you would from a food cart or stand. Keep condiments and sauces in squeeze bottles at hand for your family and guests to help themselves to. You can also use squeeze bottles to store and dispense marinades and other cooking essentials at the grill. 


If you serve finger foods, handwashing after is essential. Trekking back to the house or using the garden hose is inconvenient. Instead use an outdoor sink and tap that you can connect to your garden hose. It saves you the headache of plumbing and placing your outdoor sink next to a line. 

You can also install the sink semi-permanently if you need one to wash up after garden work. Our outdoor sinks have a connector that is easy to connect to a hose. An outdoor sink also enables you or a friend to do the washing up without carrying soiled dishes indoors.