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Dried plants & potpourri

Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Spa

Dried plants and potpourri are a great way of adding some colour, decoration and lovely fragrances around your home. Check out the HÖSTMYS decoration ball of red roses - just place it anywhere around your house to add some texture and colour to your decor. It’s handmade so it’s unique in its own right. Or pop a few artificial twigs into a vase from the SMYCKA for an aesthetic look. You can even mix it up with other artificial flowers from the same series. And to spread your favourite scents across your home, turn to the potpourri from the DOFTA range. Pair it up candles of the same scent and colour from the SINNLIG series for a coordinated look

Small Ways To Enhance Your Home Decor

Add a personal touch to your home with our collection of dried plants and potpourri. Decoration balls, dried plants, and fragrant potpourri are all you need to take your home decor to the next level in a subtle way. Check out the decoration balls from the HÖSTMYS range - they come in different colours so you can mix and match them or pick a coordinated set. Place them in a bowl or just like that as a centerpiece for your table - regardless, they’ll bloom and look pretty all year long! Each one of them is handmade which makes each of them unique. And mix it up with the smaller decoration balls from the TORKA range - it comes in a set of 8. Place them on a pretty bowl or hang them using a netted basket. Or add some artificial twigs or a dried bouquet from the SMYCKA series - all you need is a vase to pop it in. Check out our collection of vases to find a suitable one! And bring the spa-like feel to your home with our collection of DOFTA potpourri - with scents like orange and peach, nutmeg and vanilla, or garden berries - you will instantly feel relaxed and at peace. Pair it with candles from the SINNLIG series of similar scents and colours to enhance the fragrances!