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Bluetooth speakers

Our speakers have a clean, modern design that makes them perfect to show off as part of your décor. Easy to use, their rich and powerful sound can be controlled wirelessly: just connect a speaker to your phone, computer, or any other Bluetooth®-enabled device and play your favourite tunes out loud.

An elegant solution for portable sound 

Your favourite playlist helps the day go right. Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy your favourite tunes or podcasts without switching from device to device. They allow you to ditch the earphones and enjoy music as loud as you like it. Bluetooth speakers also let you catch up with news, lectures or podcasts as you exercise or do your chores. They can also add more audio power to your existing audio systems. The ENEBY Bluetooth speaker delivers powerful 40W audio regardless of whether it is wall-mounted or carried along. 

Take your music wherever you go

Planning a trek or a hike? Your Bluetooth speakers can bring all your favourite music with you and keep you going! 

Having a picnic out at the park or the beach? Your Bluetooth speakers will set the right ambience for you.

You will see that your Bluetooth speakers can accompany you to a myriad of places, and enhance your audio listening experience wherever you are.

What makes Bluetooth better? 

Well, when you connect to speakers over WiFi, you are dependent on the network. Bluetooth connects your device directly to the Bluetooth speaker. You can enjoy a steady stream of audio straight from your Bluetooth enabled device. If you have music stored on a device that is not Bluetooth compatible, choose a speaker that also allows you to play music through an AUX cable. The ENEBY Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth version 4.2 or a 3.5 mm AUX cable to connect to your smart device. 

Simple and elegant design

Bluetooth speakers that are going to be a fixture in your room should look good as well as sound awesome. The ENEBY Bluetooth speaker is minimalistic and elegant in design. It has one knob that is used to turn it on and off as well as adjust the volume. This is handy for those who find multiple buttons too fiddly. It is straightforward to operate this unit even for those who are not very tech-savvy. 

Elegant colours and shapes that fit right in

The ENEBY Bluetooth speakers are available in white and black colours with coordinating fabric fronts. Choose a colour that matches your interiors. If you want your speaker to look more exciting, there are also coloured gradient fronts in blue-green and pink-orange options. The unit can be used with the fabric front or with the speakers exposed for an industrial look. 

Easy to carry and wall mount

Choose a Bluetooth speaker that is easily carried around as well as convenient to place in a room. The  ENEBY Bluetooth speaker has a handle that can be attached to easily carry it along. It can also be wall-mounted using the ENEBY wall bracket. If you have a KALLAX unit, this handy speaker fits perfectly in it. The ENEBY speaker stand converts the speaker unit into a standalone speaker. It is so slim and light that it is a joy to carry around and easy to hang on a wall. 

Plug in a battery pack for long term portability

The ENEBY speaker can be plugged into a wall power outlet. For a speaker to be truly portable, it needs its own power source. The ENEBY battery pack plugs into a slot in the speaker so that you can take your music anywhere. The battery can power the speaker for up to 10 hours. It automatically charges when you plug the speaker into a power outlet. If the speaker is unused for a while, it automatically cuts off power to save battery life. 


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