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Batteries & battery chargers

From smartphones and tablets to several different remote controls: with so many electronic devices we share our lives with, we have to make sure they never run out of battery. Check out our range of cables and battery chargers and find what you need to keep yours fully charged.

Modern devices are heavily dependent on batteries. With many electronic devices going wireless, batteries are an essential, often hidden part of our daily lives. Rechargeable batteries make economic sense and reduce the waste that is discarded into our environment. 

The convenience of batteries/battery chargers

The convenience of wireless living is enhanced when the batteries used are easy to recharge. Most devices that have inbuilt rechargeable batteries in them charge the batteries automatically. Batteries that need an external charger have to be periodically recharged. A good quality charger lengthens the usable life of the rechargeable battery. Batteries should be removed from the charger as soon as they attain full charge. When you choose a battery charger that automatically cuts off when the batteries are fully charged, this one less thing to worry about. 

When to use rechargeable batteries / battery chargers and non-rechargeable batteries

Many small electronic items and lights around the house use the circular CR2032 Lithium battery. It is essential to use a quality Lithium battery that will last long and sustain the device’s effective operation. These steel batteries cannot be recharged and need to be disposed of safely as per local regulations. 

High current draw devices that need a frequent change of batteries should ideally use rechargeable batteries. The LADDA rechargeable battery is a high-quality long-lasting battery that can be charged up to 500 times. Using rechargeable batteries lowers the impact that you have on the environment by more frequently disposing of batteries.

Non-rechargeable batteries are also essentials. Electronic items that use low currents need a battery change very infrequently. This does not justify the usage of rechargeable batteries. Quality alkaline batteries such as the ALKALISK battery alkaline can be used in clocks and other devices that do not need frequent battery changes.

Storing chargers make life easier

When you get into the habit of using rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones, it is important to keep them handy and fully charged. A charger that also stores batteries makes this very easy. A conventional charger for batteries has an integrated plug, and you can keep the batteries in the unit after charging. The TJUGO Battery charger with storage is shaped like a book and automatically cuts off after charging the batteries to avoid overheating. Its design makes it easy to store and attractive to display.

Charge and use various battery specifications

Two of the most commonly used battery types are the AA and AAA batteries. You can avoid the hassle of having separate chargers for these batteries using combined battery chargers that charge both these battery types in one unit.

Different methods of charging are important

While at home, it is easy to access the appropriate charger when you need a battery. But, a rechargeable battery may run out when you are travelling or away from the charger. In this scenario, carrying a full-sized charger around may not be practical. A charger for rechargeable batteries that works off a USB outlet is a more practical solution. You can plug the batteries / battery chargers into a laptop. It is so small and compact that it hardly takes up much space in a laptop bag. Its intelligent design automatically cuts off if the battery is too hot, fully charged or defective.