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#IKEAhomestories - Episode 3

For the third episode of #IKEAHomeStories, we invite you to Shailly's home. Watch how Shailly and her husband turned their cluttered kitchen into a highly functional space with a little help from IKEA.

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Meet Shaily

Shaily, with her husband, is a proud parent of three cats. She is from Rajasthan and naturally feels at home when she is close to nature.
The only space that is their least favourite is the kitchen. It does not have ample storage possibilities and, at the same time, is unorganised.

A kitchen that's all about organising.

Shaily, an interior decorator, lives in Mumbai in a small 1BHK apartment with her husband and their 3 cats (pspspsps). She loves being surrounded by nature; the reason behind her house being full of plants. She was looking to revamp her kitchen space which lacks storage and organisation.



I knew that IKEA is going to create some magic in my kitchen. Of course!

ShailyInterior decorator

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A clutter-free kitchen

Our first solution was to organise the kitchen, create space for their various kitchen activities and keep the clutter away. The JONAXEL system is a space-efficient solution that stores all the cooking ingredients and makes them accessible right away. The best part of this system is that it can be customised according to your specific storage needs!

A lamp for most needs

To help Shaily and her husband with dedicated kitchen activities, we have added an NÄVLINGE lamp which will now help them in carrying out specific kitchen activities under a focused, glare-free light. Should they need it in some other area of the house, they can always detach it from the holder.

Access everything

The MÄSTERBY step stool is added to the kitchen to help Shaily access all the solutions that are kept at a height. It also supports her in sitting down when she needs to cut/slice/peel/prepare for a meal. 

Organisation is key

To maximise the organisation in this kitchen, we have left no rails uninstalled. The wall-mounted KUNGFORS series helps in keeping in all the essential kitchen tools and accessories at hand and in plain sight while cooking. The shelves on the wall add extra storage possibilities for Shaily to keep all things neat and accessible.

He cooks. She cooks too.

Watch Shaily's husband talk about how chores have been divided between them in the kitchen space.

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