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From Nigeria to Canada – meet Precious

My name is Precious. I’m from Nigeria and currently live in Canada. I’ve worked at IKEA for a year and three months. The best part of work is the people. When I walk into work, I see smiles. Even the managers are easy-going! In my free time, I enjoy music and going to concerts.

Portrait of Precious, a Nigerian refugee and IKEA Canada co-worker, wearing a white blouse.

When I think of Nigeria, I miss my friends and the music; it’s beautiful. You play music with your neighbours, friends, family and dance around. We Nigerians like to move our bodies a lot. You have to shake every little part! Sometimes in the morning before work, I dance in front of my mirror.

My family chose Canada because it is tranquil and offers a clean slate for a new beginning. My first impression of this country was that it’s cold! But so far, the people, environment, country, and city I live in are all beautiful.

Making a home, step by step

When I first moved to Canada, I kept to myself because I didn’t have any friends. But then, I started going out and trying to interact with the people around me. Meeting new people helped me cope. I got to see the city and experience the culture that way.

A group of people, smiling side by side, in front of cake at an IKEA office party.

To handle life circumstances, I pray; I’m a Christian, us Christians like to have people around. We go to church together and pray together. I also tend to meditate and talk to myself. From those things, I draw faith and hope that I can get through any situation I am in.

I remember the first time I went to church here. I felt so welcomed. In fact, going to church and practicing my faith helps me bond with people. My church community is like a second family to me: we talk all the time, and they’ve been checking on me throughout the pandemic.

When it comes to getting through hard times, I play classical music to calm my mind. However, if I’m in a very good mood or I just want to improve the way I see life at that moment, I tend to play old music from my tribe in Nigeria.

If I could give people one piece of advice, I would say: don’t give up on yourself. At some point, things can happen in your life that you’ll need to get through. That’s part of being human. I was so close to forgetting this myself, but I’m grateful that I had people to talk to and my faith to keep me sane.

PreciousIKEA, Customer Resolution

So yeah, regardless of whatever happens, don’t give up! The best bet you can make is on yourself. That is my number one lesson. And stand firm in whatever you believe in.