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Join us again next year for a Christmas tree that comes with a gift

We have now sold out of Christmas trees for 2021, we hope to see you again this time next year.

The festive season is full of traditions, both new and old that all add to the Christmas cheer and wonder, and traditions such as choosing and decorating a real Christmas tree, can also help make our homes feel a little bit merrier as well. ​​

Find out more about how to care for your Christmas tree

If you bought a Christmas tree with us this year, you can redeem your voucher in store between 10th January and 13th February 2022.*

*Cat not included.

Caring for your Christmas tree

Leave your tree outside or in a cool garage for a day to allow for acclimatisation. Be sure to protect it from the harsh wind and sun, this will help the tree retain moisture. If your tree needs to be stored for several days, make a straight cut across the base of the trunk approximately 3cm from the original cut. This will help the tree take up water. When bringing your tree indoors, shake off any loose needles and make a fresh cut across the trunk 3cm from the previous cut. Store your tree upright and place the bottom end in a tree stand. The tree will need plenty of water in the first few hours - approximately 3L. Check daily and provide fresh water when required. Ensure your tree is placed away from fireplaces, raditators, televisions and other heat sources that may be a hazard.

*Terms and Conditions

This offer is subject to availability and is only valid at participating IKEA stores, excluding Order and collection points.

Christmas trees will be available from 22.11.2021 – 23.12.2021 in the Dublin IKEA store whilst stocks last. €15 vouchers are redeemable in store between 10th January and 13th February 2022.

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