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Christmas lights

The first sight of twinkling, shimmering festive Christmas lights means the most wonderful time of the year has come again! Hang them on your window, around your tree, or string them through your table decorations. The soft glow of winter lights will surely bring that tingly sense of holiday excitement.

Shine bright with STRÅLA

Help set a cosy winter atmosphere in any room with these new festive STRÅLA LED lights. Their festive forms make a stand-alone style statement that brings warmth and cheer to cold nights.

A STRALA Christmas lantern sits on a table next to a mixing bowl, ready for the festive season. A Christmas tree can also be seen
Two STRALA lanterns in the shapes of houses are perched on top of a side unit with plates and bowls inside.
A small Christmas scene is lit up on a window sill.
A miniature light up Christmas free sits on a side unit next to a candle.
A light up star can be seen in a window with a Christmas Tree in the foreground.

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A STRÅLA decorative LED lamp that depicts a village scene is set on a windowsill on a frosty winter evening.

15% off STRÅLA

IKEA Family members get 15% off STRÅLA lights between 31st October and 11th December.