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Outdoor dining ideas for a fuss-free summer BBQ

British summertime is finally here! So get yourself outside and make the most of our outdoor dining ideas while the sun is shining. Hosting your own BBQ party doesn't need to be complicated – check out our tips for throwing an easy get-together at yours.

A decked area in a garden with dining table and chairs, food trolley and barbeque.
A decked area in a garden with dining table and chairs, food trolley and barbeque.

Measure out all of your barbecue seasoning before hand, put them in a mason jar and shake it up. Now you are ready to get grilling with just the right combination of seasoning every time.

Add lemons so your fish won't stick to the grill. Grilling fish on a bed of sliced lemons, not only does it prevent sticking, it also adds some flavour. Use an onion to clean your barbecue. It's best to heat the grill super hot first and burn down any remaining charded food, then rub it hard with half a cut onion (cut side down).

You can grill fruit! Experiment with grilling fruit on your barbecue. For the best results, choose fresh, firm and ripe fruit; and make sure your grill is clean. Apples, peaches, plums and apricots are good choices!

Make everyone comfortable
Once the cooking is all done, it's time to gather everyone around the table. Go the extra mile to make your guests feel comfortable by adding cushions to your outdoor seating. 

Don't forget to have a few throws around to cosy up under, when the sun goes down.

Outdoor textiles

Blankets & throws

Serve bread in a basket covered with a colourful tea towel. Not only does this look attractive on your table setting, but it's practical too! Covering your warm bread keep it from cooling off and drying up.

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