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Outdoor accessories

Add some finishing touches to your outdoor space with garden accessories, like weather-resistant rugs, cool bags and outdoor games. They’re an easy, budget-friendly way to complete your space and add a softer touch. And if you want to protect outside furniture and keep it looking fresh for longer, try our tough waterproof covers.

Time for fun in a colourful kids’ zone

Kids love colour. Add an outdoor rug with green summer stripes and colourful kids’ furniture to make their playzone zingy and fun.

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A child wearing blue sneakers and holding a VAPPEBY speaker stands by a MAMMUT children’s stool on KORSNING in/outdoor rugs.
Four children sit on MAMMUT chairs at a MAMMUT children’s table and eat pieces of fruit. KORSNING rugs are under the table.
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Adding colour and character to your back garden or outdoor area is easy with our range of outdoor accessories. From functional rugs to fun ornaments, we’ve got all you need to improve your garden, patio or balcony. 

The many benefits of an outdoor rug 

With the right outdoor accessories or ornaments, you can make your outside area even cosier. A weather-resistant outdoor rug on your patio or balcony keeps bare feet happy, while showing off your personality and style. Choose between natural and neutral colours like beige or grey or be bold and go for patterns and colours like striped blue. 

Garden accessories for outside fun 

Make outdoor activities even more enjoyable with a few outdoor accessories. Add a picnic blanket for al fresco dining without the grass stains. Pick up a few picnic baskets and cooling bags filled with your favourite snacks and drinks. Then, grab some outdoor games, like boule or a bat and ball set. And voila - you’ve got yourself a garden party. 

Accessories to protect your outdoor furniture 

Garden furniture and outdoor accessories are made to withstand some wear and tear. But it’s important to still protect them from the elements. For the best protection, we recommend keeping things indoors if you can. We know that lugging outdoor furniture back and forth is a nuisance, so storage bags or covers are a great alternative way to protect your things. 

We offer covers in lots of shapes and sizes to help you find the right fit for your furniture. Some are specifically designed to fit certain types of furniture, such as a barbecue or sun lounger. While others can just be draped over more common pieces of furniture to offer plenty of protection. 

Outdoor storage bags give you convenient storage right where you need it. You can protect things like outdoor games and garden ornaments from harsh weather without taking up precious space indoors. You can also keep outdoor sofa cushions right next to the sofa; shielded from the rain, yet ready to be brought back out as soon as the sun breaks through.