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Mix fun and facts in a kids jungle room

Try our three tips to educate your kids about endangered wild animals and have fun together too.

IKEA DJUNGELSKOG quilt cover and pillowcase
IKEA DJUNGELSKOG quilt cover and pillowcase

Turn bedtime stories into learning opportunities

Why not try explaining deforestation with the help of a jungle story book? Make storytime more interactive by using some furry friends to act out the story! This way even small children will remember the facts better and a difficult subject will be easier to talk about.

Set a lively bedroom scene

Get kids to feel closer to nature and learn more about it by creating an indoor jungle together. Work with greenery on textiles and use imaginative decor that they can help make too.

Encourage acting like animals

Transformative play lets kids step outside their everyday lives and learn new things. Help them get into character with soft toys and hooded towels (these ones are made from sustainable cotton and are free from harmful substances and additives, so they’re kind to the skin too).

DJUNGELSKOG collection

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Photographer: Daniel Wester
Writer: Jennifer Lee/Anna Blom