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Kids' homework station ideas

We've put together our top tips for creating a comfortable, functional desk space designed to inspire your kids to study.

David sitting at his desk with his mom Toni.
David sitting at his desk with his mom Toni.

Choose the essentials

There are few musts when setting up a desk for a child aged 11 and over - a sturdy work surface, a lamp so eyes don't get tired from reading plus somewhere comfortable to sit. Choose a chair with adjustable height that fits in under the desk so it can be pushed away when not in use.

Use your walls

To free up the work area and keep things organised, you can always use storage on the walls.

Keep it neat

It's hard for anyone to concentrate when things get messy, but if their workstation looks cool, your child will want to keep it tidy. Desktop organisers and a tray are a good idea, which makes it easy for your child to keep things neat.

Let the light in

Why not put the desk in the middle of the room facing the window? Letting in light will give your child an energy boost when they need it.

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