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Desk chairs

Comfortable desk chairs mean you can spend more time concentrating on work, rather than a pain in your back. Ours come with features like armrests, height-adjustable seats, swivel and tilt functions that your body will love. And the different styles mean they fit whatever your desk setup is.

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Which computer chair should you buy? 

It’s important to keep a good sitting position if you spend a lot of time at a computer for work or leisure. A well-designed, ergonomic computer chair that fits the dimensions of your desk can help prevent back ache and improve blood flow, so you can sit comfortably for longer. Consider the following functionalities to find the perfect desk chair.   

Should I get a desk chair with or without wheels? 

A lot of modern offices chairs feature wheels or casters as they allow you to move around smoothly even while sitting. If you’d prefer to stay in one spot or your desk’s going to be placed on a platform or an uneven floor, go for an office chair without wheels instead. 

Should I get a desk chair with or without armrests? 

If you're planning on using a desk chair several hours each day or need to for work, a chair with armrests is great for extra comfort. It's important that the armrests have the correct adjustment, otherwise they won’t support you properly. Remember, they should always support your arms at the point where your elbows would rest naturally. 

Chairs with armrests do have their perks, but they can also be a bit of a nuisance, especially if they stop the chair from sitting neatly under the desk. A slimmer style without armrests is a good option if you’re looking for a lighter, more flexible computer seat. This type of chair also fits a wider variety of desks

How to adjust your desk chair 

Adjusting your new desk chair might seem a little daunting, but with a few tweaks here and there, you’ll have it set up in no time. Here’s a step-by-step-guide on how to adjust a computer chair for comfort and better posture. 

Some of our desk chairs cannot be adjusted in the ways described below. Instead, check the product description to learn how you can adjust the desk chair. 

1. Adjust the seating 

You should be able to sit as far back in the desk chair as possible, with your lower back comfortably supported by the backrest. Between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees, there should be about a three-finger gap. It’s important to check this and adjust the seat slide to the right position. 

2. Adjust the height 

Armrests need to be in line with the top of your desk. If your computer chair doesn't have any you can use your arms as a guide instead. To do this, place your arms and elbows flat on the desk at a natural angle. 

3. Adjust the backrest 

While sat at your computer desk, it’s essential to try and stay upright. If you need to relax your posture for a moment, you can recline the backrest. Changing your position now and again can help to reduce stress and strain on any one part of your body.