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VAT Invoice

Convert your IKEA till receipt into a VAT Invoice.

When should I use the receipt conversion tool?

If you have purchased products in-store and you need a VAT invoice.

How does it work?

​Please enter your receipt information and select your customer type, personal or business. Please ensure all information is correct as we cannot change the data on the VAT invoice once it has been created. After you’ve submitted your request you will receive your VAT invoice via e-mail. Please keep your receipt as this acts as your warranty document. ​​

Good to keep in mind​

  • Receipts older than 365 days can’t be converted into a VAT invoice​.
  • Return receipts can’t be converted to a VAT invoice. You’ll automatically receive a credit invoice when you return or cancel items if an invoice was created for the original transaction.​
  • You can’t use this tool to get copies of previously issued invoices​.
  • A receipt can only be converted into a VAT invoice once.
  • If your purchase was online and you have not received a VAT invoice, please contact us.