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Dining tables

A flexible dining table for all your needs

People say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but don’t they really mean the dining table? Not just for mealtimes, it’s also for cosy chats over coffee, working, or enjoying a game or two – the place to do all the things you love to do.

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See all extendable tables

3 things to consider before buying a new dining table

The dining table has evolved to become so much more than a place to sit and eat. It’s where we work, where we catch up at the end of the day, where we celebrate special occasions with the people we love. It’s the centrepiece of any dining room or kitchen.

Whether you’re buying your first dining table, replacing your current table or simply fancy a change, here are three questions to ask yourself before you begin your search.

1. How big should my dining table be?

You want your new kitchen table to fit well in the space you have, and for there to be enough room so everyone can sit comfortably. Measure the length and width of your room before you shop around to avoid complications later on.

Is your dining area on the small side? Rather than a rectangular, narrow dining table that’s best suited to bigger dining areas, opt for an oval shape – the rounded edges mean it will take up less space.

2. What will I use my dining table for?

Are you simply looking for somewhere to sit while you eat a quick breakfast, or are you going to be hosting dinner parties? Knowing what you want out of your new kitchen table will help to focus your search.

If you’re planning to use your dining table in a number of different ways, and want the flexibility to accommodate groups of varying sizes, choose an extendable dining room table that can be quickly folded out when needed.

3. What style should I choose?

There are all sorts of kitchen table designs and shapes to choose from. If you’ve got a country decor, wooden or white dining room tables will complement this nicely. If your tastes are more retro, you could try a vintage-inspired drop-leaf table. Or, if you want to create an industrial feel, feature a dining table with a long, plank design. Are you ready to shop for your new dining table? Browse our collection to create a multi-use space in your home.