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Napkins & napkin holders

Our napkins love parties but they're very practical, too. They're thick and absorbent and brighten up any meal. There are special designs for different seasons, too. We also have holders that keep a bunch of them neatly in place, so they're always handy when you are setting your table with your dinnerware and cutlery.

We have reduced the prices of our favourite products​

New lower price on our kitchenware and tableware! Together with hundreds of other products, now at even more affordable prices. What's even better? These lower prices are here to stay. ​

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A pack of IKEA FANTASTISK white napkins on a gold napkin holder near a glass
Text on red background reads New lower price
A stack of IKEA FANTASTISK in a red colour on a table with white dinnerware, drinking glasses and flowers in a vase, a pastel patterned wallpaper in the background.
A stack of IKEA FANTASTISK in a dark blue turquoise colour in a light blue basket with sauce squeeze bottles, on a checked tablecloth and fried potatoes in small steel baskets.
A bright green IKEA FANTASTISK paper napkin folded in origami style in a white bowl with matching dinnerware underneath.
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