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IKEA product news and collections

ANNANSTANS Limited Collection

JUNE 2019

ANNANSTANS collection is where bold, modern prints meet hand embroidery, while wooden mushrooms move into our homes together with curious ceramics, and baskets woven by artisans with a new kind of weave pattern.

ANNANSTANS, meaning “elsewhere” in Swedish, is a limited edition collection of unique, handmade products where the contemporary concepts of designer Martin Bergström find new expressions through social entrepreneur artisans in India, Romania and Thailand.

Available June 2019

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An outdoor party with ÖVERALLT round tables and curved benches made from solid eucalyptus wood.

ÖVERALLT - Welcome to the urban living room

MAY 2019

Spontaneous get-togethers, shared meals and new connections sums up limited edition collection, ÖVERALLT. Created in collaboration with ten African designers and artists, IKEA has been inspired by modern lifestyles in urban areas of Africa. The collection mixes modern ideas with traditional craft. From larger pieces of furniture, to tableware and bold textiles, welcome in to the urban living room.  

Available May 2019

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Rug with parrots on a wall and a man dancing in front of it


MAY 2019

The fifth IKEA Art Event is a short-term collection that mashes-up tapestry art, rug handicraft, avantgarde fashion, street culture and modern design. Eight of today’s hottest designers each created a rug with a unique and bold expression, all handmade from natural materials. These unique, ‘woven artworks’ of hard-wearing comfort are made for the everyday home. Yet they could easily look the part in an upscale gallery with their eye-catching designs.

Available May 2019

Download PDF (4.6 MB)

Lady wearing a blue kimono holding a rattan basket

TÄNKVÄRD Collection

APRIL 2019

TÄNKVÄRD is a tactile collection made from natural materials and fibres—it just whispers “come and feel me”. The collection features furniture in organic materials—like rattan and bamboo—that are light and easy to move around to different rooms, meeting many needs around the home. Other must-haves include bed linens, towels, throws, pillows, a lamp and a rug, all made from materials like linen and cotton. One of the standout pieces is a fabric-washed linen-cotton kimono made with double weave, yarn-died jacquard. It’s a joy to buy, give and, above all, to use.

Available April 2019

Download PDF (3.8 MB)




Finally, it’s summer and time to let go and have fun! To help create that joyful vacation feeling, our 2019 summer collection is vibrant and colourful with lots of playful, summery prints with an iconic IKEA expression.

This year’s summer collection is created together with designers Lotta Kühlhorn and Malin Unnborn, as well as designer group Papperian. The design studio has been run by Växjö County, Sweden, since 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

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DELAKTIG collection part 2

DELAKTIG collection


Designed by IKEA and Tom Dixon, DELAKTIG is an aluminium, knock-down “platform for living”. The first part of its launch was a seating series, now it’s time for bed. Together, the dream duo has continued what they started. Introducing a new bed frame, two headboards and three new covers for the seating series, meet the second part of DELAKTIG.

Download PDF (2.7 MB)

February news

February news


Finally, it’s summer and time to let go and have fun! To help create that joyful vacation feeling, our 2019 summer collection is vibrant and colourful with lots of playful, summery prints with an iconic IKEA expression.

This year’s summer collection is created together with designers Lotta Kühlhorn and Malin Unnborn, as well as designer group Papperian. The design studio has been run by Växjö County, Sweden, since 2001 as part of an initiative for people with disabilities and a strong passion for art.

Download PDF (9 MB)

Spring/Summer 2019 lookbook

Spring/Summer 2019 lookbook


Welcome to IKEA’s Spring/Summer 2019 lookbook, presenting three key trends that are set to be a hit in the interiors space next season. As we approach Spring and Summer 2019, we will see bright and bold colours incorporated into retro designs from the past in the Maximalist Scandi trend, as well as a variety of blue hues combined with natural materials to create the Rustic Coasts look in the home. In addition, a trend that focuses on creating a stylish and timeless kitchen is Methodical Monochrome, which features jet black and white block patterns.

Download PDF (4.4 MB)

A selection of images showing a few of this year’s most memorable IKEA stories.

IKEA Facts and Figures 2018


Our Facts and Figures for 2018 have officially been released, with a selection of stories from around the IKEA world.

You can read more about girl power at our very first store in India, check out some of our favourite design collaborations, see how we’re stepping up to climate change and much, much more. It’s all about maximum transparency and introducing you to the many people, who – together – shape the IKEA story. Happy reading!

View IKEA Facts and Figures 2018

This year’s IKEA Winter collection has never been more prepared to prepare you for that cosy holiday season we call the winter. VINTER 2018 tablecloth and more.

WINTER collection


IKEA’s WINTER collection offers everything for the holiday season, with accessories, lighting, wrapping, and tree decorations. There are also baking and cooking utensils, tableware and warming textiles, all priced affordably. The season may be chilly, but with WINTER, the warmth remains.

Download PDF (6 MB)

In October, IKEA launches a variety of products with a fashionably eclectic mood in rich colours and patterns that go from chequered to floral like this cushion cover.

October news


This October launch is about making room for playfulness. It’s about playing with conventions and following one’s own mind. The mood is fashionably eclectic, the colours rich and patterns go from florals to chequered.

Among the highlights are products for making a cosy and functional living room, like a super-comfortable sofa family and a storage and table series made with sustainably sourced pine. To light up the home there are lamps and a shade for different types of lighting needs and looks. We’re also launching a whole new range of office furniture designed for healthy working including ergonomic chairs, sit/stand desks and office storage with new functions. In addition, the month welcomes a bunch of patterned cushions and cushion covers, quirky decoration objects, an upholstered chair, lyocell rugs and UTZ-certified chocolate. Enjoy!

Download PDF (13.6 MB)


LUSTIGT collection - Limited Edition


Available in-store only.

LUSTIGT is all about play for the sake of playing, children and adults alike. It’s a collection with something for all; colouring sheets, a puzzle, a skipping rope, a weaving loom, boules with soft balls and much more. Let’s get absorbed in fun and games, free of expectations and performance pressure. Go lose yourselves in play.

Download PDF (4.4 MB)

From cotton cushions with gold piping, to figurine patterned rugs, the FÖREMÅL Limited Edition Collection will add an artistic touch to your home décor. Welcome to the world of Per B Sundberg!

FÖREMÅL collection - Limited Edition


Available online and London stores only.

Welcome to FÖREMÅL, a limited edition collection made in collaboration with artist Per B Sundberg. From velvet cushions to shiny poodle candle holders, all of the pieces are different and crafted with perfection.

Download PDF (3.3 MB)

Add a touch of retro to your home with GRATULERA, the vintage collection celebrating seventy-five years of IKEA design.

Re-imagined Classics - Limited Edition


IKEA’s latest limited edition collection, “Re-imagined Classics” embraces some of its most iconic products, which have stood the test time, in terms of both quality and design style. Products in the range take inspiration from the decades from 50s to 00s and bring back some fun favourites with a modern makeover to turn old classics into new classics.

Released August, October and December 2018.

Download PDF (2.2 MB)

Older woman standing with her jewellery collection surrounded by pieces of the SAMMANHANG collection.

SAMMANHANG collection


Launching August 2018 the SAMMANHANG collection is all about placing your favourite items into context. Created in collaboration with seven different designers, the inspiration for the collection is drawn from still lifes, grocery stores and collectors themselves, amongst others. From smaller containers, such as display boxes and trays, to larger pieces of furniture, SAMMANHANG celebrates your personal style of collecting.


Download PDF (4.2 MB)

In August, IKEA launches a poetic mood in soft pastels with storage as a big theme and products made with sustainable materials.

August news

AUGUST 2018 

This month we’re happy to introduce a look that’s all about connecting to yourself and creating a home that’s personal, organised and comfortable. The style is minimalist Scandinavian, the mood is poetic and the colours range from soft pastels to graphic monochromes.

Among the new products, storage and organising is a big theme. There’s a heavy-duty storage series and a fashionable update to an existing storage series. For the kitchen, there’s a series of traditional-styled storage, along with a matching sink and tap that’s water-saving. Of course, we focus on sustainability with our new products, with for example new flavourful teas that are UTZ-certified, textiles made of 100% cotton from more sustainable sources and a curtain and door mat that are made of recycled PET. The month also brings lamps and smaller pieces like candle holders and a watering can for a final finishing touch. Enjoy!

Download PDF (11.6 MB)

In April, IKEA launches natural materials, earthy colours, a new storage system, a sectional sofa and speakers for furnishing with music!

April news

APRIL 2018

This month we’re proud to introduce products that help bring nature indoors and reconnect with the senses. The materials are natural and the colours are warm and earthy; it’s about embracing imperfections and making room for nature and relaxation. Fitting perfectly within the Blurred Boundaries trend identified by IKEA for this spring and summer, April News blends the boundary between indoor and outdoor furniture.

Download PDF (6 MB)

New at IKEA, the INDUSTRIELL collection includes a shelving unit, and armchair, pendant lamps, chairs, table, benches and vases in light, natural colours.

INDUSTRIELL collection

APRIL 2018

The INDUSTRIELL collection is our way of turning mass-produced uniformity on its head, by producing products with a beautifully imperfect, human quality without raising the price tag. This ambition had us completely rethink how we can make furniture. In partnership with designer Piet Hein Eek, we’ve developed new ways to work with wood, glass, ceramics and textiles. Always with the sustainable thinking that Piet has in common with the IKEA approach.

Download PDF (7.1 MB)

DELAKTIG collection

DELAKTIG collection


In February 2018 IKEA and Tom Dixon are launching DELAKTIG: an aluminium, open source seating platform. In the spirit of challenging design conventions and the upholstery industry, DELAKTIG invites anyone to add to it, personalise, and make the modular seating system completely their own.

Download PDF (26.5 MB)

YPPERLIG collection

YPPERLIG collection


This October, IKEA launches their latest collaboration, done with the Danish design company HAY. The collection includes a wide variety of products, from larger pieces such as sofas and coffee tables all the way to smaller accessories like an updated version of the iconic blue IKEA bag.
By combining materials, colours and production techniques, YPPERLIG is a collection of basics adapted to modern needs and wants. A contemporary yet ageless collection – just like the pieces themselves.

Download PDF (16.6 MB)