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Plant ideas

Adding house plants to your home will not only brighten your day, but they may have more benefits to your life at home than you think. While some plants help clean the air, they can also have a really positive psychological effect. So maybe it's time for you to bring a bit of green into your space.

How to increase your well-being with plants

Find out how having house plants around has health benefits and some ideas on how to create a greener home of your own.

Make your own plant pods

See how to prepare plant pods that will sprout like magic and give everyone the feeling that they can grow too.

The benefits of being surrounded by plants

Learn more about how plants and gardening can have a range of positive effects on us from researcher Anna María Pálsdóttir.

The good effects of growing plants

Get inspired to garden, and test the theory of gardening's positive psychological effects.

Home visit: an expert’s tips for indoor gardening

Bring some green to your inside space with these gardening tips for refreshing your apartment with house plants.

Indoor gardening essentials

Whether you are a green thumb or a newbie, there is a plant option for you. Get ready to grow with our range of plants, plant pots and growing accessories.