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Playroom paradise for two children

Here's a bedroom that can bring a toddler’s great imagination come to life. Use it as a desk, play surface or as a cubby to hold all your cuddly toys! There are plenty of other items that can help make cleanup time easier, too.

STUVA is more than just a storage unit — use it as a play surface, or place a cushion on top to turn it into a comfy bench to sit on as you sew or read.

Use the big storage units underneath STUVA bench to store bigger toys and bulkier items. A couple of boxes can help organise toys within the drawer — and also makes it easier to take out a group of toys to play with!

If your children share a large room, consider facing their two bedframes away from each other; this creates a feeling that each sibling has their own personal space.

Children love their animal friends, so this lamp is a perfect buddy. When it’s time for bed, you have a furry companion all throughout the night!

You play with what you see. Keep the little creatures, figurines and favourite items on a shelf so they are easy to grab and play with. When not in use, these items help decorate the room.

Make cleanup a little more fun. Toss toys into a sturdy wheelbarrow when playtime is over, or wheel it around the home to play elsewhere! A trusty toolbox can take craft supplies to another part of the home, too.